a storm approaches, scheduled to make landfall by noontime. i woke up and began my errands. i rode to the UPS store on somerville avenue to return that jacket. next i went to market basket to load up on some groceries for the week. i had a hankering for reuben sandwiches, bacon, hot dogs, and salads. on a whim i perused the cheese department and found an 8 oz. wedge of st. clemens danish blue cheese for $2.89. what attracted me was the level of blue-green marbling (that's where the flavor lives!).

it wasn't yet lunchtime by the time i got home, so i was out in the backyard washing the salt off the bicycle. i flipped it upside down and gave it a thorough scrubbing, then later wiped the frame with some WD40 and oiled the chains. it's not even 2 weeks yet and there's already rust on the chains, that's pretty scary. i finally installed the trek bicycle computer matthew gave me last month. it's an old model and the closest thing i came to a manual was a scanned jpeg file i found online. fortunately functionality-wise those things are pretty standard (speedometer, trip distance, average speed, odometer, maximum speed, clock). if i had the money, i'd get the planet bike protege 9.0 featuring a wireless sensor and temperature readout. i'm trying to curtail anymore bicycle-related purchases (other than a super bright helmet light of course). i wasn't sure if the flimsy plastic band on the sensor would hold onto the fork, but it was on there pretty securely. it didn't come with a spoke magnet which i had to purchase separately (got a sigma magnet). the instructions said the distance between the magnet and sensor had to be 1mm, which is really close; i set it to 2mm, hopefully the stronger magnet will compensate for the less than optimal distance. next i measured the travel distance one revolution of a wheel turn. i measured it to approximately 73in, which comes out to 1854mm, the number i needed to input into the computer.

i didn't get a chance to try out the new bike computer. the morning was grey but suddenly the sun came out around noontime, only to quickly disappear once more followed by a strong cold breeze. the storm approaches! instead of going out for a test ride, i put the bike away instead and went inside the house (besides, i just washed the bike, didn't want to do that again).

i had cereal for lunch with some of the leftover milk my previous roommate left behind. for a split second i was a little worried, because he was so weird and i was afraid he put poison in the milk (ah, paranoia!).

in the afternoon i hunkered down with my wedge of blue cheese and box of crackers. damn that cheese-loving roommate! (not to be confused with milk-poisoning roommate or never-going-to-work roommate). because of him, i'm addicted to blue cheese now. blue cheese is right up my food alley anyway, since i have a fondness for smelly foods (smelly tofu, kimchee). the gorgonzola i had 2 days ago was a bit on the sour side. this st. clemens danish blue cheese is far superior, with a complex salty + sweet + savory flavor. the taste is similar to fourme d'ambert, just a bit more crumbly.

i continued with the housecleaning, in preparation for the arrival of roommate no.6 tomorrow morning. i cleaned out the guppy aquarium, followed by the bathroom. next i vacuumed the house one more time.

i had the rest of my chicken broth rice noodle soup for dinner.