after my morning run, i showered then rode the motorcycle to belmont to do some yard work. my stomach was grumbling from hunger but i figured i'd be back home in an hour or two.

first item on the agenda was to try and fix the leaking faucet in front of the house. there's a shutoff switch but that thing hasn't worked in years so i ended up turning off the water completely in order to remove the spigot stem. i brought my 8in. crescent wrench and my combination wrench set, but none of them was big enough to remove the head, so i ended up using a larger pipe wrench. the faucet was leaking from the handle, which means a washer issue, but when i examined the cartridge, it looked worn enough that it'd be easier to simply replace it.

i went to home depot looking for the replacement part. unfortunately none of them were a match, the outdoor spigot was simply too old, an antique. i left with a 3lbs. bag of scotts sun and shade mix grass seeds ($20) and a melnor hose splitter ($10).

i went and tried the watertown FW Webb plumbing supply store just a short distance away. i ended up waiting 15 minutes to service because they were busy, then waited an additional 15 minutes while the guy i spoke to took my old faucet cartridge and replaced the bottom washer for me. he seemed like a veteran employee, and went above and beyond to help me out, even replacing the missing screw holding the washer in place. i also bought a package of graphite packing string ($4), which he said to replace the old packing material inside the nut.

i finally returned to my parents' place around 1:30pm. i tried removing the old packing material but it'd already hardened from decades of service. i managed to chip away a little bit but ended up packing in the new graphite string. i used enough to make 2 loops on the stem before closing up the cartridge. i thought the graphite would be like a putty, but it was more like straw, and hard to wrap.

i installed the rebuilt cartridge back onto the faucet and went down into the basement to turn on the water main. the faucet was still leaking from the handle, even though i tried tightening the nut. i think it just needs to be repacked with graphite string (fortunately there's a lot of it, 24in. worth, i only used about 4-5 inches). i did test the faucet with the watering timer and the hose splitter, it works, watering two separate areas of the front lawn.

by that point it was already 2:30pm. the weather forecast said rain would be starting around 3pm. all day long the sky was grey and occasionally i felt drops.

my work wasn't done yet, i still had to reseed the backyard lawn. i nearly used up the entire bag of new grass seeds but managed to cover the entire backyard, before going back once more and raking in the seeds with a wire rake. i didn't bother watering since i figured the rain would take care of it. i finally left by 3:15pm.

i'd replaced my parents' stanley thermos with my old thermos-brand thermos since my mother doesn't like the heavier stanley design (even if it's more insulating). i went to the cafe to drop off my leftover fresh dill and to report the faucet repair progress to my father. everyone was there - my 2nd aunt, my godmother, and my other aunt. i left a short time later.

after dropping off the motorcycle at my place, i switched to the bicycle and went down to market basket to get a few things for the cafe. once i came back home, i finally had something to eat around 4:30pm: an instant bowl of tonkotsu ramen.

i backed up my computer today. i tried doing it last time but time machine was taking too long so i cancelled the backup. i tried again this morning, and left the machine running all day. when i got back home i was happy to learn it'd successfully backed up. the last time i did a backup was back in july.

for dinner i made my instant pot century egg & pork bone congee, haven't made that since may. with the weather turning colder, it's perfect for hot rice porridge. i didn't eat until 9:30pm, had enough leftovers for two more nights of feasting.