i tried to get out early today to beat the heat, but i didn't leave until 9:50am, when temperature was already in the 80's. i continued listening to my hardcore history broadcast, this one about the history of capital punishment (as it pertains to european history). one thing i like about running is how simple it is: i'm not thinking about anything, just focused on keeping pace, listening to my podcast, chewing my gum. it's almost like meditation.

it was hot but wasn't too bad, figured it could be worse, like if i was running in the afternoon with temperatures in the 90's. that drinking fountain midway through the run is a real life saver, and after running i looked like i came back from a swim because i was drenched in sweat. i only saw a handful of other runners stupid enough to be out when it's this hot. i saw a mother pushing a stroller wearing long pants and a hooded jacket. when i ran by her i saw she was wearing a hijab. devote muslim women must be so hot during the summertimes.

no free books today, but i did see a really pretty fabric face mask somebody had dropped (tempted to pick it up, but come on, face masks are gross), and a bonsai tree sitting onside an apartment window on a makeshift platform. i also checked out another silk tree. there's one on shephard-avon that i always pass by, but there's another one on wright st, which is sort of hidden because it's almost a dead end street and there's no easy access other than from martin street. i had time for the garden but decided not to go since i already watered late yesterday afternoon.

homemade greek dressing

3 part olive oil
2 part red wine vinegar
minced garlic
lemon juice
dijon mustard
dried oregano
ground pepper

basically add everything into a sealed jar and mix (small amount use a spoon, larger amount shake the jar completely). even making an even larger portion, use a food processor for proper emulsification. portions based on user preference, but these are the typical ingredients that go into the dressing.

back at home, my bathroom had that faint sewer gas smell again. after a shower the smell went away. i pulled out the container of greek salad from the fridge i bought on tuesday. i made my own dressing (salad doesn't come with dressing for some reason), was going to shake it in a jar, but the amount was small enough that i just used a spoon instead to mix the ingredients. there was too much salad in the container to easily eat, so i ended up dumping everything into a larger bowl. by that point i finally turned the AC on and was watching the midday news. i could probably make my own greek salad, and it'd taster so much better, and cheaper too. something to think about the next time i have a salad craving.

i didn't leave the house the rest of the day, just stayed indoors, trying to stay cool, as the outdoor temperature hit 96°F here in cambridge. i turned on the AC intermittently, allowed it to cool down the living room before turning it off, turning it back on after the room got hot again. we're in a very humid weather pattern, and i heard it won't let up until next thursday, so prepared to be miserable comfort-wise. i spent the day retroactively updating old blog posts.

my mother called me after work, after my parents got back home. she said after 2 days the water inside the stanley vacuum bottle was still hot, and said they decided to keep it. i told her i was returning that one and buying a different one, a 1.5qt instead of the 1.4qt exclusive from target. she didn't want one that was bigger (said the current 1.4qt was about the limit of what she could lift), but i said it was just slightly so, and it was cheaper too ($20, though there's an $8 shipping fee). i then went onto the stanley website and ordered the 1.5qt limited-edition classic bottle.

for dinner i heated up 2 slices of quinche after taking a shower. i was watching the latest episode of evil before switching to last week's episode of for all mankind (episode 8).