kevin finally took a shower this morning, after not having showered since friday. i know this because when i went to go take one, the diverter knob was already in shower mode. i also know this because he adjusted the shower head again, pointing it so it faced the wall. that's slightly less annoying that changing the spray pattern so it's a jet instead of a shower, something he thankfully didn't do. when i went to go turn off the hot water, it was all slippery with body wash gel. it hasn't even been 2 weeks yet.

late this morning i biked down to market basket to get some ingredients for making a greek salad and some milk for my aunt. afterwards i delivered the supplies to the cafe. my sister was there cooking something, my aunt seemed so frantic she didn't even say hello, was too focused on making sure my sister followed the recipe.

i thought about riding down to belmont, but i need to go tomorrow (to bring in the trash) so i'll just go then. nothing too important, but if it snows (forecast of a dusting, an inch at most) i'll have to clean the panels. also just to check on the status of the grow room. did the soil drench kill off all the fungus gnat larvae or are they still emerging? i could just as easily position the web cam so it's looking directly at a sticky trap.

i finally contacted united solar this afternoon, asked kevin about any referral bonus for signing up two customers to get solar installations for them. he didn't reply back. either way i'm fine with it, i did it not for the money, did it just to help people out.

i went to dollar tree in the late afternoon to get a few things. when i came back, i was surprised the door was unlocked. that could only mean one thing: kevin was home. seems that he came home around 3:30pm, after going down to the harvard square bank of america to get his direct deposit paper work done.

kevin went back out around 5pm. i thought he was meeting friends, he said he was just going to get some groceries. he was gone a long time, didn't come back until 6:30pm. he came back midway just to drop off a few things before leaving again. i realized he'd texted me on wechat but i didn't see it. he was at the dollar store and asked if i had a container for dirty clothes. the answer is yes, but i saw it too late, and he bought a plastic basket big enough to hold maybe 1-2 shirts. he also got some scour pads, apparently the one currently in use was too dirty for him. little did he know, i had a bunch more, and the ones that i use are scotch-brite non-scratch, not some cheap dollar store brand. basically everything he bought for the house i already have. he also got another amazon order, seems like every day. i didn't know what it was but it felt like something electronic, maybe an external hard drive.

anyway, he was gone for so long, i thought he was getting a lot of groceries to make dinner, but he came back with a frozen mushroom and spinach pizza that he wanted to try. i taught him how to use the oven, he offered me a quarter slice but i was already making my salad, so i just ate a smaller 1/8 slice. it was good, very creamy, like mushroom soup on a soft pizza dough, not bad, it's been a while since i tried a whole frozen pizza (my frozen pizza of choice are the stouffer's french bread pizzas).

ultimate greek salad
(single serving)

1/2 bag of salad mix
onion, diced
tomato, diced
cucumber, diced
pepperoncini, chopped
mini peppers, sliced
kalamata olives, chopped
diced ham
feta cheese, crumbled
greek dressing

i went back to my greek salad for dinner, this time with mini sweet peppers i bought from haymarket over the weekend. i made the dressing first before i chopped the salad ingredients, that way the vegetables would be fresh and crisp and not soggy from sitting out on the table.

greek dressing

1/3 cup apple cider vinegar
1 tsbp lemon juice
1 tsp dijon mustard
2 garlics, minced
1/2 tsp oregano
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp ground pepper
1/2 cup olive oil

i've made my own dressing in the past but it's easier just to buy it. however, for the greek dressing, i already have all the ingredients, with the exception of red wine vinegar. i used apple cider vinegar instead, i wonder if that wasn't authentic enough? i added the dressing ingredients in a small mason jar with a leakproof lid so i could shake the ingredients to mix it. i found the dressing to be on the light side, but combined with the salad, mixed with some salty ingredients like feta cheese, ham, and pepperoncini, it didn't seem to matter. the sweet mini peppers were a little weird though. i like the crunch and the splash of colors (yellow, orange, red), but they added too much sweetness to the salad, while i prefer a more salty and sour greek salad. maybe i'll save the peppers for something else. i should also look into getting a bottle of red wine vinegar, see if it'll make a difference.