i heard the news about the roe vs. wade supreme court appeal last night. i thought it was a rumor at first, until the news was corroborated by my mainstream sources. nothing surprises me anymore. having survived the trump administration, having lived through a global pandemic, and this year, with the will smith oscar slap, russia's invasion of ukraine, and now the potential repeal of abortion rights, we're all riding this dumpster fire train. the only silver lining i can see is maybe this will galvanize democrats into voting in the mid-terms and retain control of congress, or perhaps the laws will be changed to remove the filibuster and biden could stack the supreme court with more balanced justices. we're living in interesting times.

the addition of online ordering has made working at the cafe a little more interesting, which to be honest, can get a bit monotonous. not boring per se, but you start a routine and you basically repeat it week after week non-stop. online ordering is that bit of variety, and given the choice of in-person, phone, or online, online seems like the best option. also it's an additional revenue stream, and what business doesn't want to increase profit?

today we had one online order for pickup and one online order for grubhub delivery. the online pickup happened right before noontime, and it was my sister who caught it, as we had just 9 minutes to prepare the order. the customer asked for miso soup and we totally missed it so didn't include it, but my sister caught the error later in the afternoon so i was able to issue a refund and send an apology e-mail. the grubhub order happened in the late afternoon, when neither my sister or myself were there; my father took the order himself and fulfilled it for the delivery guy to come and pick up.

today my father tried the sur la table air fryer to cook pieces of raw charsiu pork. it works in that pork on the top of bottom had that nice charring, but the layer in the middle not exposed to the heating elements or hot air circulation remained a bit soggy instead of that nice roasted finish. it didn't make as much mess as i thought it would, but there was definitely a lot of oil drips that needed to be wiped clean afterwards. for the price we paid - $80 on sale from costco - it's worth keeping and using.

i left the cafe around 2:15pm, biking to belmont to re-apply the crabgrass preventer and fertilizer with the new used drop spreader. out of curiosity, i compared the "drop holes" of the old spreader (which apparently has rusted stuck) to the new drop spreader, and the difference is pretty stark. when i applied the crabgrass preventer/fertilizer a week ago, i was only dusting the lawn with the granules, that's why i had so much left over, even after i went back over the lawn twice and three times with the old spreader.

this time around i was really applying the herbicide/fertilizer. i had two bags, the vigoro (29-0-3) said to set the spreader to 9-1/4, while the scotts (30-0-4) said to set to 6. i ended up going to 6 because that was the smaller holes, and i had a full bag of scotts while less than 1/4 bag of vigoro. i started with the front lawn first, then worked my way into the backyard. i had just enough of preventer/fertilizer to do the whole yard, nothing left over. today was the perfect day to do this because the rain tomorrow will soak everything into the soil.

i checked on the rabbit nest, the bunnies are still alive, so i think the mother rabbit has been coming back to the nest every night to feed her offsprings before leaving. even though the bunnies are still blind, they're a bit more aggressive now when i uncover the nest, like they're trying to bite me. i did not attempt to pick any of them up, not that i didn't want to, but i was afraid of hurting them, better to just leave them alone. once they're old enough to leave the nest, i'll move them out of the backyard.

despite the overnight rain, the rain barrels were not to full capacity. looking inside the barrels, they're only at 80% full. it's going to rain intermittently all of tomorrow, so the barrels will fill to capacity by then. because the barrels didn't overfill, my excess rain water catch bucket didn't fill either; the bit of water inside was from the rain last night.

i've been thinking the past few days that there's a lot of pinks out right now. the pinks are predominantly kwanzan cherries, crabapples, dogwoods, and azaleas. there's also plenty of redbuds, but they're more purple.

i left belmont by 3:45pm, making it home by 4pm. i went to market basket to get some groceries, though i had plenty to eat in the house. i went there primarily to get some milk and tofu. i got some bean sprouts, bread, and silken tofu for the cafe.

i bought a greek salad for a very late lunch, made my own greek dressing. later in the evening (9pm) i reheated the persian leftover from last night while watching the bucks-celtics game. the first quarter (and the whole half) was amazing, as the celtics came out swinging. the score was 65-40 going into halftime. in the second half, the celtics played more not to lose (given their large lead) instead of a continuation of their aggressive from the first half. the bucks slowly chipped away at the lead, and while boston settled on 3-pointers, milwaukee dominated in paint scoring. but in the 4th quarter the celtics put up enough points and had the lead back in the 20+ range that the bucks waved the white flag and emptied their bench, with the celtics doing the same. final score was 109-86. game 3 will be in milwaukee on saturday.

i wasn't wearing my elbow brace all day and i didn't even realize it. does this mean my "tennis elbow" is finally getting better? i don't know if the elbow brace helped with the recovery, or did my both just recover on its own, or maybe a combination of both?