i did a load of laundry the first thing this morning, washing my bedsheets. maybe i read too many "how often should you wash your sheets?" articles, and i'm starting to feel itchy in bed, so a washing was long overdue. i'm checking my records, maybe early september was the last time i washed them? that can't be true, but i'm also definitely not washing them at least once a week, like those articles recommend. i don't even do laundry that often (about once a month), and they expect me to do weekly bedsheet changes?

for lunch i pan-fried some cubed ham then mixed them into scrambled eggs, sprinkled with an ample amount of everything bagel seasoning. afterwards i biked down to whole foods to return the waterproof gopro housing. i miss the good old days where i could return amazon merchandise at the UPS store. i always feel like such an imposter going into whole foods, like they're all watching me, "he doesn't belong here!" afterwards i looked for some chang shing tofu but whole foods doesn't seem to carry them anymore. that's a shame, because that was the one thing they sell at whole foods that was cheaper than everywhere else, including chinatown supermarkets. i ought to go down to their factory near the galleria mall and ask them what's going on. is this a temporary supply chain issue or has whole foods decided not to carry chang shing products anymore?

after that i went to market basket to get some groceries. just a little bit, since i'm having dinner in arlington for my mother's 70th birthday on thursday, so i only need to cook for 3 days this week.

after stashing the bike back at home, i went out one last time to dollar tree. all dollar trees will raise their prices from $1 to $1.25 starting next year, so these are the final days of actual dollar sales. dollar tree is the last of the dollar stores that still adhere to the $1 everything principle, while all other dollar stores have since started selling items beyond simply a dollar. i sort of miss when dollar tree used to be family dollar; sure, not everything was $1, but that gave them more leeway in terms of products, that they could sell their own storebrand items cheaper, or the namebrand if you wanted to pay a little more. anyway, i came here for the spices, ran out of peppercorn, they sell 2oz. containers for $1. they also have bags of himalayan pink salt.

i did some retroactive blogging, doing the writeup for yesterday's outing, along with some missing photos for the past few days. i'm actually all caught up blogwise, with the exception of the day i went to the head of the charles in late october. i still need to populate that entry with photos, and the sooner i get through that, the sooner i can clear 34GB worth of crewing photos from my laptop. with the end of the year coming, i'm also hoping to do a retrospective writeup, which involves me going through all of this past year's entries and pulling out the highlights. that's going to be what i'll be doing new year's eve.

for dinner i baked a ham & pineapple pizza in the oven. i ate half (3 slices), saving the rest for tomorrow night.