i spent the day continuing to retroactively updating old blog postings. by the end of the day i managed to finish all the posts from the past few months. now all that i have left for this year is about 2 weeks in may. for one reason or another, i occasionally miss a posting. typically it's on a day where i'm very busy, or i've taken so many photos it'll take a while to sort through them all. i've learned to update soon, otherwise it's very hard to go back and fill in the days. my strategy these days is to at least do the write-up (while the memories are still fresh in my head), and go back and fill in the photos at a later date.

in the afternoon i saw the toyota at the cafe parking lot. i grabbed my umbrella and walked down to retrieve the car. along the way i took photos of all the apple trees i passed along the way, for some reason there seems to be a lot in my neighborhood.

my father brought the toyota in to get an inspection yesterday, but the mechanic told him there was something wrong with the brakes, so he left the car there to get fixed. not only did they fix the brakes, they also changed the oil, and put on a new inspection sticker. my mother gave me some bread they'd just baked, along with some chashao pork. greater boston motorsports called me, said my bike was ready. i told them i'd try to come pick it up saturday afternoon.

when i got back home, i dug out my out suit for the funeral on saturday. even though i'm just the IT guy there, i figured i'd still need to dress up. anyway, better to have it just in case. i haven't worn it in a long time, so was afraid it might not fit. the jacket itself was pretty boxy so there was no problem there, but finding a dress shirt that fit took me half a dozen try before i finally found one the right size. also because i hadn't worn the suit in so long, there was actually some mold on it which i wiped off with a wet sponge.

i did a load of laundry (couldn't find any clean socks), washing my bedsheets while i was at it. while the washer was running, i moved the guest bedroom bed and gently washed that corner of the room. i've been smelly this mildewy odor for weeks now whenever i go to sleep, not sure where it's coming from, but hopefully i managed to take care of it.

afterwards i had an instant cup of korean ramen while listening to a sports podcast. when the dryer was done i folded my clothes.

around 6pm i fell asleep on the couch, waking up at 7:30pm. i brought out the bread and chashao pork for dinner, while watching the first game of the NFL season between the cowboys and tom brady's buccaneers. i was rooting for dallas, hoping for brady to lose. alas, tampa bay won the gave with seconds to spare off of a field goal kick.

going to try and get to bed around midnight, need to wake up at 8am tomorrow to leave for saratoga springs around 9:30am.