it was another cloudy day with some rain showers early in the morning. as far as solar production, by the end of tuesday we only made 15kWh. july 2021 could turn out to be the worst summer month as far as solar energy. for lunch i finished the market basket chicken tenders i got on saturday.

in the afternoon i went down to the community garden to check on my plants. the lack of sun hasn't been good for my tomatoes, and the one in the southeastern corner looks like it might be dying soon. there was a woman there taking photos of flowers and i showed her my nigellas. the ones in my garden are not only white, blue, and pink, there were also some dark purples. i also gave her a ground cherry that turned out to be sour but she was a good sport about it.

afterwards i made my own round through the community garden, admiring the plants of other gardeners.

from there i continued on my bike to the cafe. i swapped out the rear wyze pancam and replaced it with an eufy 2k camera (the one that used to be at my parents' place facing the driveway before that window got used by the air conditioner window exhaust). the eufy not only has better image quality, but the motion alerts are a lot more responsive and useful than wyze's "every 5 minute" alert. the eufy isn't without its faults, but i like it more compared to the wzye. i relocated its position so we could see the sliding glass freezer door (my mother's always worried that my father will forget to close the door).

after the cafe i biked to my parents' house just to check up on the backyard garden. i wanted to see how much bigger the ground grown squash could get, but to be honest, it looked the same size as yesterday. as for the other squash plants, each one only has a single squash. all of them have turned dark green, there may be a chance they'll be ready to harvest as early as end of the month. that could potentially free up resources and all the squash plants to produce more squash, which they currently seem not able to do.

another thing i wanted to check was in some of the grape photos, i noticed a black grape. i found it and it looked like blackrot, confirmed by a nearby leaf that looked like it had a telltale backrot spot. so i removed a clutch of grapes, not just one. when i took a closer look however, it wasn't blackrot but rather some worm had made a home inside the grape and the grape had simply rotted. i felt a little bad because i removed some otherwise healthy grapes, but if end up not getting any blackrot infection this season and all the grapes reach maturity, we will have more grapes that we'll know what to do with.

it's the nigella show: they're supposed to flower in the spring to early summer, and true to their nature, that's what they're doing now. we don't have enough to have it be spectacular, but the few flowers that we have are still very interesting. the flower buds are large, size of an acorn almost. when the flowers open they're white at first, but then they change colors, either red, blue, or purple.

when i made by way to the rain barrels, i saw a dead bird on the ground. i couldn't quite tell what it was, i think it was a mockingbird. it might've struck the window. that corner of the house is notorious for bird strikes (12 years ago we found a dazed cardinal). when i dug a hole on the other side of the house to bury the bird in, i accidentally uncovered a cicada that hadn't yet emerged from the ground yet. i reburied the cicada and dug another hole.

i finally returned home by 4:15pm. i noticed a neighbor had tossed out a box fan and i went out to grab it, along with an empty plastic box to add to my closet. the box fan was a little dirty (probably used as a kitchen ventilator). i removed the back grate and scrubbed it clean with a brush and some dish soap in the bathtub, now it looks as good as new.

already feeling hungry, i ate some leftover barbecue around 5pm: barbecue corn, an italian sausage, a taiwanese sausage. i ate again at 8pm, just in time for the all-star game. it was the shohei ohtani show, who not only lead off hitting for the american league, but also led in pitching as well. no homeruns and he grounded for outs in his two at-bats, but he did retire the first three batters he faced, and when the AL finally won the game, ohtani was marked as the winning pitcher.