today was a repeat of yesterday, perfect weather. i had plans of going out again and doing some drone flying or maybe some gardening, but ended up doing none of that. the only time i went out was to go into the basement.

today was a house errand day. i finally got around to disassembling my grow closet. i haven't used it for nearly a month (i removed the last plants at the end of may). i started by pouring the crushed gravel into storage buckets. i then took down the 2ft long strip lights (6) and removed the PSU that was powering a few computer fans i used for air circulation. i need to get a long (at least 2ft wide) clear box to put all this equipment in for next season so i won't have to search for them again. once that was done, i could finally move all the plastic bins (cluttering the living room) back into the closet. now i just need to clean up the clutter in the kitchen and my house will be presentable again.

i moved the gravel buckets into the basement and brought up the air conditioner. i promised myself the next heatwave i'd install it, and we have a massive heatwave coming soon, starting on sunday, and could last until next thursday - 5 consecutive days of 90+ degrees temperature. i don't think i've ever installed the AC without being under duress. usually it's so hot i'm soaked in sweat before i break down and get the AC from the basement. the AC was already installed for something that won't happen until a few more days.

for lunch i had a repeat of yesterday's meal: oat milk matcha latte and a ham-egg-cheese-sriracha english muffin sandwich. the milk frother is so high-powered now with a fresh set of batteries that i made so much foam it took up half the glass. froth in moderation!

the breaking news today was the collapse of a miami beachfront apartment. it doesn't even seem real, when these buildings fail they don't topple like dominoes (knocking over other nearby buildings), more like a house of cards, as the weight of materials cave in on itself. i haven't seen destruction like this on american soil since 9/11. they can't issue a death toll because they simply can't sift through the rumble to find the bodies because everything's pulverized.

so even though i only did two things today - clean the closet and install the air conditioner - it took most of the day and i wasn't finished until 3:30pm. it was too late to go anywhere, and i wasn't in the mood for flying because it felt sort of late.

i did unlock an authorization zone for the drone, my first time. the fly map was showing me flight restrictions again because there's a yankees-red sox series at fenway this weekend. this extended as far away as belmont and the entirety of cambridge, so i registered with DJI and made a zone unlock request. it took some fumbling but i managed to get the restriction removed. it's good for 3 days, and i can always renew it. it was also pretty fast, i think for authorization zones they will aprove it immediately upon request, but you need to register first. it was kind of interesting because the unlock "certificate" was paired to the remote controller, not the drone. that makes sense, because a pilot could control multiple drones from a single controller.

for dinner i had some leftover greek salad. if i'm continuing this salad route, i might go chicken caesar salad for next week. it's going to be hot, so i definitely don't want to be doing too much cooking and i wouldn't mind eating cold foods.

i watched game 3 between the suns-clippers. this was a must-win for los angeles, they didn't want to be down 0-3. phoenix was a good positive, having chris paul back on the team. maybe that got to their head and they figured they'd win again, because the clippers put up a fight and showed that their appearance in the western conference finals was just a fluke. los angeles ended up winning. i think in the end phoenix will still take the series, simply because kawhi leonard is hurt and seems to be out for the season. but the clippers made a good showing tonight, at least make the series interesting.