whole milk can go bad pretty fast. the gallon that i have i got back on february 15th, and 11 days later it's already tasting off. it's still drinkable, but when i warm up the milk, it doesn't have that sweet milk fragrance like it used to, and when i drink it as is, i can taste a faint trace of oncoming sourness. i just need to finish this milk as quickly as possible since it's about to go bad within the next few days.

besides a matcha latte, i also made a simple turkey sandwich with my deli turkey slices, lettuce, and mayo served on a leftover blue ribbon barbecue burger bun that's been sitting on my kitchen counter since february 8th. it was pretty good considering it was just an improvised sandwich made with unwanted ingredients. i also went over to bruce's place to get some cabbage and celery soup he told me about last night. he also told me that jack slip and fell by danehy park and he had to drive over there to get him. when jack complained he felt a little woozy, bruce called the ambulance an jack went to the emergency room at mt.auburn hospital. bruce said it looked like jack might've dislocated his arm, which is better than being broken, but they won't know until after the x-ray.

after lunch i biked down to chinatown for some groceries. i can't believe the last time i was in chinatown was more than a month ago. the main reason is it's been a snowy february, and road conditions weren't conducive for a chinatown trip by bike. the temperature today was in the upper 30's but warm in the sun and no wind. i warmed up enough from biking that i unzipped my jacket but later zipped back up when i felt a bit cold.

i went to c-mart first because their short grain glutinous rice is much cheaper. i was also looking for japanese narutomaki but they didn't have it. while i was there, i kept hearing a message over the PA that their credit card machines weren't working so you can only pay with cash. fortunately i always carry an emergency $20 bill in my stack of credit cards so i was covered.

next i went to ming's market down the street. here i bought the bulk of my items. i was nearly finished with my shopping when i overheard the fishmonger telling his customer that they were only accepting cash, that their credit card machines were also malfunctioning. i had a moment of panic because i didn't have anymore cash. normally i would, but ever since the pandemic, i only carry my credit card since it means no dirty cash has to change hands. then i remember the new chase bank branch around the corner and that i could make free ATM cash withdrawals using my new TD bank debit card. so i left my shopping cart behind and went to the bank to get money. however i realized i don't usually carry my td bank card, that i primarily use my amazon credit card instead. fortunately i also had the cafe company debit card, and was able to withdraw cash using that. they were really nice at the bank, i think it's because they don't see enough customers. they were also advertising all their safety protocols like hand sanitizers and alcohol wipes. chase charged me a $3 fee and i don't know how much the debit card bank will charge me as well. but at least now i could pay for my stuff. chase was also giving out freebies and i took two year of the ox chinese calendar.

i left chinatown by 2:30pm, got home by 3:15pm. my original plan was to just stay home, but i saw my godmother at the cafe (from the webcam) which meant i could give her the jiu niang that i'd made. i took a quick shower because i was sweaty (and reeked a bit of body odor) before riding down to the cafe with the supplies. i tried the jiu niang before i went, i only sampled a tiny amount, it tasted sweet enough, but could use an additional day of fermentation. when my parents sampled the jiu niang at the cafe, they said it was already plenty sweet, and when i tried it again a second time, it was definitely ready to eat.

i got home a bit before 5pm and immediately started making some glutinous rice balls AKA tangyuan (湯圓). today is 元宵節 (lantern festival) which marks the 15th day and the end of chinese new year with a full moon. tangyuan is traditionally eaten on this day, and since i have the means to make them, i thought i'd follow tradition tonight.

for some reason i had the bright idea of making orange tangyuan as well as the usual white (plain) and pink. i mixed a cup of glutinous rice flour with 1/2 cup of warm tap water. from a single dough ball i separated it into 3 individual dough balls. i added a single drop of food coloring to make the pink and combined a drop of red and yellow to make the orange. in hindsight i should've gone with yellow instead of orange, since it looked more peach.

while cooking the tangyuan (they're ready once they float), i got out an old jar of jiu niang. i have various vintages in my fridge, the one that i got was some leftover from 12-23-2020, more than 2 months ago. i tasted it and it was incredibly sweet and had that fragrant jiu niang aroma. i used some leftover tangyuan water to cook an egg and add the jar of jiu niang and the tangyuan. i made the mistake of breaking the yolk and my jiu niang soup turned yellow when it should be white. but tastewise it was delicious, the sweetest i've ever had, and everything homemade too.

i ate my jiu niang soup while watching the latest episode of wandavision. can't believe the season is almost over, just one more episode left next friday. afterwards i snacked on some watermelon seeds i'd bought in chinatown.

i didn't have dinner until almost 10pm. made myself one last italian sub (don't think i can eat anymore) as well as reheated some of bruce's cabbage and celery soup. it tasted like chowder, just minus the potatoes and seafood. there has be some milk in this soup, but i couldn't taste any of the cabbage or celery, it was just a savory sweet soup.

later i made myself a mug of warm hot chocolate in an attempt to use up the milk. i used the frother to mix in the powdered cocoa, it was very good but sweet.