after some black guacamole english muffin toast for lunch, i rode down to chinatown to pick up some supplies. i was on my newly repaired bike that was still broken but rideable as long as i don't bother shifting into any other gears. i rode it pretty gingerly, so afraid i was of chain skipping, but it never skipped once. the seat was also perfectly adjusted from the last time i put an hex key to it, so overall a smooth ride, something i haven't experienced in a while.

my mother asked me to get her a can of shirakiku sweetened red beans. i'd seen it before, but it was going to be hard to find. i went to ming's market first, hoping they'd have it, saving me the hassle of going elsewhere. when they didn't, i went to c-mart. they didn't have it either, so i returned to ming's market to do my shopping. the cashiers there are assholes, they just stand there and watch as i bag my own groceries, they almost seemed annoyed that i was holding up the line.

because i'd just memorized what i needed to buy, it was easy to forget something. while i was loading up the bike i remembered i forgot to get rice flour (for making japanese-style fluffy cheesecake in the instant pot), but it was already too late. i'll get it next time.

the sky became progressively cloudier and darker, i was in no mood for more adventures, so i quickly made my way home. i went the path of least resistance (but longer distance), along the charles river and across the MIT bridge. i went home but decided to drop off the supplies at the cafe. today was the day to do it, while temperature was still in the 40's; temperature tomorrow will be below freezing.

a large tree behind the cafe that was there yesterday had been completely removed. i knew it was happening because i saw the posted signs yesterday when i was at the cafe. it wasn't a city tree, belonged on private property, but it had grown so tall that should it fall over one day, it would smash the house, that's probably why the owners decided to have it removed. it's always sad to see a large tree go, even if it presented a danger to people living nearby. maybe they'll plant a new tree in its place, no that isn't quite so tall.

i brought along one of the eufy cameras and installed it at the cafe, along with a samsung 128gb memory card i originally bought for my mother's samsung phone before i discovered it already had 128gb of internal memory. there's already a eufy camera for the rear front of the cafe, but ever since my mother decided to put up a screen, the camera can't see the forward front of the shop anymore. this new eufy would be for that half, so we can see the customers coming in.

i returned home with half a dozen beef-stuffed buns. i bought a mega millions ticket, figured it was worth taking a chance on scoring a billion dollar payday. when dinner came around i ate 3 of meat buns. at 11pm when they did the lottery drawing, i didn't match a single number.