the rain that'd been promised all this week but disappointingly never arrived day after day finally came today. good for the lawns, bad for the people. there wasn't much to do today, just moseyed about the house, eating healthy snacks (carrots and celery), catching a few episodes of SVU in the background, filling up the remaining backlog of blog entries.

some ebay purchases came in the mail today, it's been a while, i still have more than 2 dozen things i'm waiting to arrive. ebay was like my dollar store fixation before it started charging sale taxes on all purchases (it's a massachusetts state thing, starting in october). 10x 4.5cm clear suction cups ($1.79, for window mounting flexible solar panels), and 2 mini 3 key RGB led strip light controller (75&cen;t bare wires, 75¢ 12V plug).

also arriving in the mail was my replacement meterk clap-style digital multimeter. i bought it back in may for $22, just because it had a clamp for indirectly measuring the current. but it was unwieldy and hard to read, and as it turned out, it was also defective, unable to measure DC voltage. i contacted meterk nearly a month ago, because supposedly the meter had a 2-year warranty. i wasn't confident anything would come of it, so was surprised when they replied and said they'd send me a replacement meter free of charge, and i didn't even have to return the broken meter. a few weeks later i still hadn't gotten the replacement, so i e-mailed them again. a different person replied, said the previous person had gone on vacation, but she'd send me the replacement in a matter of days. the new one seems to be working, but the lcd display is still too small given the size of the device, and has a shallow viewing angle. the little DKMHA turquoise-colored multimeter i got my father back in november 2017 for just $12.50 is much more usable.

for lunch eggs-kielbasa-sauerkraut-tea, for dinner leftover beef barley soup. every time i eat the soup it changes: today it had the chunky consistency of canned beef stew (dinty moore). i was going to eat everything in one serving, but wisely decided to split the portion; i now have some more beef barley soup for the future.

i watched el camino, the netflix produced breaking bad sequel movie. it's mostly the story of how jesse pinkman survived the days after he escaped from the neo-nazi prison. the film could stand on its own, but far better if you'd already watched the 5 season series. fan service interspersed throughout the film, and some cameos from old favorites. i watched half of it while eating dinner and finished the rest from the netflix app on my phone from bed.