i went on a supply run this morning with my parents, first to costco, then the chelsea market basket. driving towards everett, we saw a migration of chinese people walking towards costco, each one dragging a suitcase behind them. they're going to costco to stock up on gifts to bring back to the mainland, which primarily consists of bottles of fish oil. i don't know how much costco makes from selling fish oil to the chinese but judging from the chinese pushcarts filled with fish oil, it must be a fortune.

next was the chelsea market basket. crowded on a weekend obviously, but compared to the somerville MB, this one was a calm oasis, with plenty of parking spots and wide aisles so customers aren't trapped in shopping cart congestion.

coming out of market basket, we spotted a SUV stacked with some serious antennas. not sure if they're for amateur radios or CB, but i took some photos to study afterwards.

arriving at the cafe to dropped off the supplies, i called li to come and pick up his orders, one of which was a google phone. i also brought his bath towel. later i went with him to his apartment to pick up a key.

in belmont i ate some market basket fried chicken. it was good in the beginning but afterwards i felt a little gross.

my mother picked up a rechargeable wet & dry amopé foot file for $30 at costco after being enthralled by a live demonstration. design-wise, it looks like something apple would design, with its 90's turquoise imac palette. after charging it up, i gave it a try, seems to be pretty effective, didn't even know such a thing existed. i can understand using it dry but wet? which is better?

after returning home i went out to get some stuff from star market. really it was just an excuse to take a photo of the anti-trump vandalism by a house on beacon street. there's one place frequented by townies who smoke and drink on their narrow doorsteps. on one of the windows is a trump sign, which is essentially a big middle finger to the gentrifying liberal population. they had the trump sign up for more than a year, it's very discreet, yet apparently it ticked somebody off enough that not only did they spray paint "trump is next" on the house (which i'm assuming is a rental, poor landlord), but also went crazy on the truck parked outside, painted with obscene graffiti and smashed window shield. i'm no trump supporter, but i don't agree with all this property damage. if anything, it will further entrench these townies towards trump, and it casts liberals in a bad light. i read online that some people believe it might be a false flag stunt, that the townies themselves did this. i'm more of the opinion that some social justice warrior went berserk.