it was good to be back sleeping in my own bed. i stayed up until 4am last night, finishing the final episode of the expanse, up to the latest episode of season 2 episode 6.

a bit before noontime i drove down to the cafe to deliver lunch to my grand uncle. temperature today was in the lower 40's, but there was very strong winds. a branch must've downed some neighborhood power lines because i lost electricity just minutes before i left the house. the wind was so strong ((upwards of 60mph) that it shook the car and created dust storms of sand and salt, blowing trash cans into the streets. it's only going to get worse as we head into the weekend, with the possibility of record breaking cold for saturday. i may decide to keep the car a bit longer, as it's easier to get around if it's going to be dangerously cold.

while my grand uncle ate in his room, i played with hailey in my sister's room. my grand uncle ended up eating everything today, a rarity, since he usually refuses a dish or two. i changed his trash and then brought all the used dishes back to the cafe.

i went to the watertown home depot to pick up a bag of potting soil (32 qt. vigoro $6.97) for my indoor greenhouse operation. afterwards i went to belmont to check the mail and add some seeds to the birdfeeder. finally i returned home, had to park a block away because i couldn't find parking (unusual in the daytime). by then it was already close to 2pm and i hadn't had lunch yet. i ate the pastry i picked up from my parents' place tuesday night.

my 2nd aunt and sister asked for ice cream (mostly for my grand uncle) so i biked to market basket in the afternoon, after first visiting the bank in union square to deposit some cash. back at home i replaced the filter on my furnace, which i haven't done since early october. there wasn't the pockets of lint like last time, but the filter material was dark from all the dust.

i got in touch with my parents at 7pm, 8am taiwan time. my father left me a voicemail, said they were staying at their airbnb place, two meat bun shops downstairs, within walking distance to an outdoor market. today they were visiting my dagugu and also my 2nd cousin, with my aunt and uncle scheduled to arrive later in the afternoon.

for dinner i fixed myself some xi'an lamb paomo. it's probably not the healthiest meal as i emptied half a dozen various flavor packets and sauces into the pot, but all that bread crumbs can be pretty filling. i ate while rewatching last night's confusing episode of legion (episode 4). afterwards i sliced some blood oranges.

i bought some seeds from park seed tonight: komachi balloon flowers ($3.50), shikou hybrid japanese eggplants ($2.95), april cross hybrid daikon radish ($2.95), tasty green hybrid cucumber ($3.95), organic arugula ($1.95), northern states hybrid zucchini squash ($2.95), and sunshine mix gazania ($2.25). all seed purchases were $2.99 shipping, and i used a 10% off discount promo code.

karen didn't come home until almost 11:30pm. she was at the home of the wife of the mexican's consul in boston, some sort of professional mexican women networking gathering.