my parents showed up at my place around 12:30pm, to drive to the black falcon cruise terminal (their scheduled dropoff time was 1-1:30pm), and then i'd drive the car back. i used to work there, at the boston design center, back in my screen house days. i haven't really been back there since (in more than 15 years), the place is almost unrecognizable now, a trendy spot, full of new shipping crate restaurants, and new offices. back in those days, the area was kind of desolate; it's not like that anymore. the terminal was kind of crazy, with people getting dropped off, and wary cops making sure everything was okay. after my parents got off with their suitcases, i drove the car back home.

we went to the terminal via the turnpike, but i took 93 north back to cambridge-somerville. i was so focused on trying not to get lost and finding my way onto route 93 that i didn't get a chance to enjoy the scenery. i forgot what a great view of boston one can get from south boston. i'll have to come by on my own one of these days to get some photos.

instead of going straight home, i took a quick trip to the somerville home depot, which was right off the sullivan square exit. i was supposed to go through the roundabout but i turn a wrong turn, which ended up to be the better choice, as there was traffic in the rotary, while there was no cars in my more circuitous route. i got some spare nuts and washers (for the bike), a stack of 14x20" furnace filters, a pot to translant my garden columbine, and a package of rags (for oiling the wooden counter).

i didn't eat until 2pm, made myself a buffalo chicken sandwich. it was good (maybe because i was so hungry by then) but messy. i ate while watching an early release of the second episode of westworld on HBO go.

later in the afternoon i rode the bike to drop off my mother's shoes (amazon return) at the UPS store on somerville avenue, then went to union square to deposit some cash (cristina's 2 month rent) at the bank.

my mother called me around 4pm, said they hadn't left the dock yet. my parents had already ate once (late dinner), and was going back to eat an early dinner by the window so they could watch the ship leave boston harbor. i won't hear from them again until next friday morning.

another day, another trump scandal: donald trump was recorded on an open mic in 2005 making obscene comments about women, including what will be his new catchphrase, "grab them by the p*ssy." will this finally be the misconduct that will finish trump for good? maybe the common man might not understand the intricacies of tax dodging, but surely they can understand when someone is making rude comments about women?

cristina came home around 7:30pm. i played the 2nd episode of westworld for her, and for me to watch it again. she made a simple bean quesadilla for dinner then went out to go dancing around 9:30pm. i heated one of the leftover burgers in the toaster oven.