it was a good day to move the motorcycle from my parents' garage to the storage shed behind my grand uncle's house/back of the restaurant. weather was a calm 38°F. today was also a good day because the restaurant is closed on mondays, so i wouldn't run into any workers. so i bicycled to belmont to retrieve the motorcycle. it didn't start the first few times, but i didn't get any hissing either which would mean a dead battery. i opened the choke and kept my thumb on the starter button a beat longer than usual before the engine roared to life. i rode to the mobil gas station opposite the town library; i like getting my fuel there because it's self-serve. i went with super plus ($2.979/gal) and managed to add 1.8 gallon ($5.37). i added an ounce of fuel stabilizer into the tank for winter storage. from there i rode down concord avenue all the way to the cafe. after checking out where it'd stay, my father helped me navigate the motorcycle to the bike of the house.

i managed to back the motorcycle into the storage shed but i couldn't figure out how to maneuver it next to alex's (my godmother's son) motorcycle. his bike has been in the shed for 3 seasons now, pending a sale that never seems to come. my father ended up taking over and after some careful forwarding and backwarding, finally got it in place. within the next few days i'll need to come back to drain the carburetor, grease the chain, take out the battery, and cover up the bike.

i got a ride with my parents back to their place. earlier in my own basement i found a glass orb light enclosure, about the size of a small bowling ball. i'm not even sure where it came from, i must've found it out in the trash at one point (actually, it was my old bathroom light before my father removed it because the whole fixture was coming apart). i figured it might fit over the sink light in my parents' bathroom. i don't know what happened to their original enclosure, it's probably somewhere around the house. it glass orb looks good, but its opacity is blocking some of the 400 lumens led light bulb, so we'll need to get something brighter.

we baked the second half of the smoked ham for dinner. it didn't have to compete with a dish of cornbread so it had the whole oven to itself. afterwards i biked home. earlier during the day i tightened the shifter pedals, so now it doesn't make that grinding noise i heard yesterday. i put the bike back in the basement, and spent some time fishing out the batteries from the rear wheel lights, as they were getting a bit dim and needed to be recharged.

there was a monday night football game between detroit-dallas which i streamed from ESPN. the game meant nothing for the cowboys, but a lions win would mean they wouldn't have to face the packers in the first round of playoffs. but it was a well matched game, with both teams keeping even, until dallas opened it up in the second half and scored lights out, putting detroit away.

it's day 6 of my second batch of sauerkraut. it stopped leaking a few days ago. since the day i capped it, i haven't opened up the jar, so hopefully the sauerkraut has a better ferment and less juice loss. i'm going to give it another week before i taste test it.