i haven't told elias yet but i'm probably going to sell the broken-fixed HDTV he gave me. i'll use the money to buy a new HDTV, something with a clear QAM tuner (for watching unencrypted HD channels through the cable connection), lighter, and more energy efficient (LED). maybe even with 3D (since my panasonic camera can take 3D photos). my father actually stopped by briefly in the morning and i gave him a demonstration of the HDTV in action.

last week my flat rate board game boxes finally arrived from the USPS. i thought i ordered 2 boxes but turns out it was 2 cartons, each containing 25 boxes. i didn't even need them since i already found a box to ship out the broken HDTV circuit board.

i went to harvard square in the late afternoon to pick up a 10 oz. insulated foogo (thermos) food jar ($10) i ordered through walmart. walmart seems to have a special deal through fedex where they'll send packages for free to the local fedex office for pickup - in my case harvard square. after i picked up the shipment, i went to the bank of america office to cancel my bank account. i thought i cancelled it a few years ago, but i still keep on getting statements. turns out it was a legacy line of credit ($1200) dating back to 1996 (baybank? fleet? back before all the mergers).

for dinner i heated up some leftover risotto. david came home close to midnight. he said he left me a message. i thought he meant e-mail but instead it was a text message, which i didn't even notice. he said he was going to work tomorrow and then maybe going to the symphony with a friend. i asked him if he'd be interested in some chinatown dim sum for lunch and he said yes.

i posted a listing on craig's list for the game board boxes. i want to say this was my first time selling, but actually doing it reminded me that i sold items before for SCS, in the early day's of craig's list (2004). but this was the first time i was selling something personally (and not actually selling since i'm giving away things for free). i didn't expect a response so soon but somebody got in touch with me later in the evening, asking if s/he could have the boxes. i told the person i could leave the cartons outside my doorstep.