when did i become lactose intolerant? ever since i transitioned from a child into an adult, i've been drinking less and less milk. i guess that must've been it. now when i drink that white stuff, it's a crap shot, figuratively and literally. such was the case this morning. i ate a bowl of cereal (if you really must know, apple jacks, but it had a special spiderman promotional tie-in on the box) then when i got to work (after observing an asian couple having a picnic on the subway as they chowed down their breakfast like they were contestants on some sort of speed eating game show) there was a battle raging inside my stomach. lactose intolerance 1, tony 0. fortunately i don't drink a lot of milk anyway. i like the sweet stuff. if milk was sweeter i'd definitely drink it, and if it was carbonated i'd drink it more, and maybe if they can make clear, i'll buy into that, and why not make it taste like pepsi? if milk was like that i'd definitely drink more milk.

i actually had something to do today, take photos of all the things that were for sale around the office (basically everything), and post them online onto craig's list. i forgot to bring in my compact flash reader, but we discovered that the format of the nikon photos are compatible with alex's canon digital elph, so we used his camera to download the images onto the computer instead.

james came with me to the upstairs chinatown eatery, where i showed him the very first place in chinatown where you could buy bubble ice tea. now every place has it, a particular company sells the technology to various restaurants so they can offer it to their customers. your best bet is to still stick with a place that specializes in bubble ice tea; i've had restaurant made versions and they're usually weak (bubbles either too soft or too hard). i got the spicy crispy chicken from rod thai again. i'm going to miss the foods of chinatown when i no longer work there.

the final 3 hours of work i laid out the ads in html and posted them onto craig's list. almost immediately after we went live with our ads, we started to get a deluge of phone calls and e-mails from prospective buyers. a lot of calls were for the computers, people wanting to know more detailed specs. there was a girl who wanted the papasan chair. another person was interested in the wicker chest. yet another wanted to know if the office chairs were leather. it felt pretty "job well done" with all this feedback from the postings. i finally left work after 6pm, the first time in weeks.

when i got home, i moved the motorcycle back onto my street. another dvd was waiting for me in the mail, chungking express (yesterday, one million years b.c. finally arrived). i took a shower, watched some television, then heated up some soup from a can for dinner, too lazy to do any cooking. i have the next few days off, if the weather's nice i'll go riding. i want to spent at least a day cleaning up the house, there's some domestic stuff i have to take care of (i still haven't stored away my winter clothes, if you can believe that).