my father and i made 3ft tall standing trellises today. we put them in the main part of the belmont garden at 45° angles. they're there so the cucumbers will have something to climb on eventually. i suffered a work accident though: while my father was pushing one of the wooden rods through the mesh fencing while i was holding it, it splintered and an inch long shard of wood pierced the tip of my thumb. i was lucky it missed going underneath my nail, but it still hurt. 2 bandaids and some antibacterial ointment later i was back outside.

we ended up planting everything today: the cucumbers (my burpless and some korean variety), the basil, the tomatoes (cherry, best boy hybrids that i raised from seeds, some korean market seedlings), and the peppers. in the southwestern corner of the backyard - were an apple tree used to be many years ago but was now an empty plot of unused land that got a good bit of midday sun - i planted 3 rows of sweet red corn seeds and 2 extra tomato plants. while my father mowed the lawn, i also went ahead and planted the raspberry rhizomes i pulled from my community garden and some chinese lantern plants.

so the gardens have started on two fronts: in my own community garden in cambridge, and in my parents' backyard. i'm earlier than last year by 2 weeks, which is just about right since i started my seedlings earlier this year by a few weeks as well. all that's left to do now is to sit back, water the plants, and watch them grow. and some weeding, although i've been thinking about getting some bundles of cheap hay to use as mulch.

it would've been a good day to ride the motorcycle but because of street cleaning today and tomorrow, i didn't want to move my bike and lose a prime parking spot. instead i bicycled. one of the things i hate about bicycling is the occasional street of poor road conditions. i wonder if getting a bicycle with some kind of suspension make for a smoother ride? (something like a diamondback edgewood).

i need to wake up early and go to the bank first thing in the morning. for whatever reason, the check i deposited on friday still hasn't gone through, and there's a weird charge on my account today and i'm kind of afraid it was the IRS cashing my tax payment but getting that check bounced because of insufficient funds. it's one thing to miss a cable payment, but i'm hesitant to mess with the IRS, especially when it comes to owing them money.