if i'd checked my records, i would've known that my vegetable seeds would sprout in a week (last year: planting then sprouting). nevertheless i was still surprised when i went to go check my containers today and saw a whole bunch of seedlings that i didn't see yesterday. i quickly moved them to the artificially-lit environment of my grow closet. besides the banks of fluorescent lights, the walls of the grow closet is also lined with reflective mylar to further concentrate the light and to trap the heat. while my house remains at 68°, inside the closet it's 75°.

so what sprouted? the cucumbers, the fancy gourds, tomatoes, and the basil. only one of the morning glory sprouted, and still waiting for the moonflowers, the bottle gourds, and the mixed hot peppers.

with the sky looking like it might rain, i moved my motorcycle and covered it up. i bicycled to market basket in the morning to get some groceries. i picked up a box of honey nut cheerios, based solely on the fact that it's omar little's favorite breakfast food. it began to sprinkle by the time i left. after stocking the fridge, i was out again, this time to the ace hardware store in porter square to pick up a metal mailbox my father had ordered over the weekend. i biked to the cafe to drop it off.

i waited all the day for UPS to deliver my motorcycle parts. finally around 6:00 there was a knock on the door. in the box: a genuine honda chrome clutch bracket ($19.42) and an oil filter with a removal cap ($17.36). the parts arrived too late for me to do any work with them, so i'll have to wait until tomorrow.

for dinner i made some english muffin pizza. i toasted the muffins first, but the center of the pizza still felt sort of soggy. in the past i just used tomato sauce, but i tried a can of special pizza sauce this time. verdict? didn't really notice the difference, still not like the tomato sauce found in professionally made pizzas. later i sorted my trash, tossing out a box load of old magazines.

i checked the seedlings one last time in the evening. sprouts are now more upright, and a bit more green. as far as light and temperature goes i'm okay, but i'll need to think about circulation eventually, as it gets kind of stuffy in the closet. i'll also need to up the humidity. hopefully by mid-may (weather permitting of course) i can plant these in the gardens.