i spent most of the day doing gardening stuff. i went to the community garden first to clean up my plot. there was nobody else there. temperature was in the 50's with a cool wind but i warmed up after a few minutes of garden work. i threw away all the dead stems from last season, gathered up the tomato cages and wooden poles, and then tilled the soil, uprooting some early season weeds. i planted some snow peas but none of the hoses were turned on yet so i didn't water them.

i went to the cafe to set up my seedling station in the basement. i'm probably a month behind in my indoor gardening schedule; i should've started back in march, then i'd have plants ready by may. i filled the reused empty plastic containers with miracle-gro moisture control potting mix. i've never used this before, but it smells really nice, and saves me the trouble of making my own mixture of dirt, peat moss, and fertilizing pellets. i then filled a large bucket with water and watered each container from the bottom by soaking them in the bucket. once i did that, i then started planting my seeds: 6 tomatoes, 3 tomatillos, 7 basil, 4 cilantro, 4 parsley, 4 cucumbers, 4 nasturtiums, and 4 thai peppers. i didn't have to buy any seeds since i still had some left from last season. i covered up the seeds with plastic in order to keep in the moisture. i like to germinate the seeds in the dark; once they sprout, i'll move them into the light.

while i was at the cafe i also helped my father repot his two costa rican pepper plants. one of them lost most of its leaves during the winter and when we uprooted the plant from the pot there was some fungus growing in the dirt, so it might not survive. we used some regular dirt to repot that particular plant. the second pepper plant was doing much better, with strong healthy roots. we used the miracle-gro moisture control potting mix for this one.

when i came back home, i saw my neighbor ed sitting on a stone wall at the intersection of oxford and eustis. i waved to him, and he made a weird gesture where he crossed his arms in a downward position, his special way of saying hello i guess. i repotted my prayer plant with the leftover moisture control potting mix. the plant seemed to have mostly dried up during the winter even though i watered it all the time. i moved it from its plastic pot to a slightly larger terra cotta pot. i also repotted a small fern.

in the early evening i walked over to the somerville avenue subway to get a chicken teriyaki sandwich for dinner. i watched bones (FOX), law & order: SVU (NBC, the shark-jumping episode involving tiger mauling, monkey smuggling, and a topless olivia), and the unusuals (ABC).