today, if i wasn't working then i was cleaning the house. such a shame that on my last day of single living for the next half year i wasn't able to enjoy it in the least. 6 months. approximately 180 days. no more walking around the house in my underwear (or less). no more leaving my stuff wherever i want. no more never having to be considerate while at home. can't use the bathoom whenever i feel like it, and for that, i'll have to start closing doors again. it's not that i'm incapable of sharing, but just having a stranger thrusted into my life for half a year is kind of jarring. and a complete stranger he is; even with a normal roommate there's an interview process. all i know about this guy is his job (astronomy researcher), his age (30), his marital status (married), and whereabout in china is he from (xinjiang province). who knows, maybe he might be the perfect roommate, somebody who's never here, but i'm so critical, even a perfect roommate i'd be able to find some faults. my parents did give me an escape clause, said if this roommate doesn't work out, they'd ask him to find a new place to live. all i care about is this: can i trust him with the house? will he not trash the place? because if the answer is yes, then i plan on not being here january february march while i take some money and go traveling again. that's the silverlining, that's what's making it all bearable.

this morning i had a meeting with client N in allston. 5 interactives, due mid-october, about a month away. coming back, i went to the cafe to drop off some yellow tomatoes and pick up a container of fried rice to save for dinner. i stopped off at the local elementary school to go vote in the basement gymnasium. later i learned 90% of MA residents didn't go vote today. it was mostly for local offices, but john kerry was on the ballot facing off against a gloucester lawyer in the democratic primary, his first intraparty challenge in 24 years. returning home, i had some scrambled eggs and sausages for lunch.

i brought a lot of boxes down to the basement. i sort of want to toss the old screen house foosball table. that thing hasn't been played since i first moved in six years ago when dan helped me move and reassemble a relic from our former company in my basement. even our old boss was impressed when i showed him the shrine to our glory days. since then, the handles have become all moldy, the paneling have all started to peel, and it's pretty much functioning as an inelegant table at this point. i still have the screen house sign though, despite the fact that i gutted it this past winter for fluorescent light parts.

i'm hooked on privileged! i watched tonight's episode in the background while working. sometimes it gets a little too cute for its own good but i don't mind. i like how there's a love quadrangle, between our main character, her estranged sister, the hunky rich neighbor, and the childhood friend waiting tables for a living. it was a tough choice between privileged (cw) and fringe (fox) but in the end i chose to step beyond my demographic and picked dramedy over scifi.

now if you'll excuse me, i have several hours of late night code surgery to perform. my heart just isn't in this second interactive i'm building for client B. to be honest, it's not particularly fun and it wouldn't be something i show to future clients. the first interactive though, that one is sweet, and i keep on tweaking it, sort of as a way to procrastinate, but also just to make it even better.