my aunt lili treated my family to korean barbecue tonight at koreana. the last time we had korean food was at wuchon in union square back in february. we were hoping for barbecue but they didn't have it, so tonight's dinner made up for that deficiency. the waitress turned out to be chinese as we tried to remember if we said anything incriminating prior to her revelation.

the problem with korean barbecue is it goes by pretty quickly, especially if one of the staff cooks it for you at your table. it was a pretty big spectacle and i even saw somebody from a nearby table crane her neck over to see what we had cooking on our double grills.

i split up a few more tomato seedlings this afternoon. with the dual shop light setup, they're getting plenty of artificial sunlight exposure and a few of the seedlings are about an inch tall already with characteristic tomato hairs. at this rate, they'll be ready for transplanting sooner than the weather will allow. i also noticed on my two cypress vines that they're already making flower buds. it's sort of strange because they hardly grew any leaves and they don't seem particularly healthy. maybe the transition from a low light environment to a bright new space triggered their flowering response. also i took a peek in the guest bedroom and saw that some of the hot peppers have germinated. i'll move them to the grow closet tomorrow (even though i don't have anymore room).

while at the restaurant i found a lost clip-on bicycle light out on the street. it was so fresh that it was still blinking. this is actually the second mars 3.0 bicycle light that i own: i have another one from my father who also found one on the street a while back. these things get lost all the time apparently. now that i have so many bicycle lights though, it's kind of renewed my interest in bicycling. i just have to find a way to take off that bicycle lock on the handlebar my previous roommate left for me as a parting present.

anyway, it gave me an idea to do some time-lapse photography. a tripod, a camera remote, and some LED's was all i needed.

later in the evening my godmother's son alex called me and asked if he could come over and borrow one of my unused canon lenses. he'd been calling me all night but didn't leave a message so i didn't think it was anything important. he wanted a lens to test out a canon D40 he's planning on buying from a student up in maine. i tried to talk him out of it but he was determined to buy it (for about a grand), so he could use it with some old fixed non-canon lenses through an adapter. he stayed to watch the end of the red sox yankees game before taking off.