i found myself in the north end this afternoon attending the feast of saint joseph. so who is this saint joseph and what makes him so special to have a celebration in his honor? the joseph in question is none other than mary's husband AKA jesus' stepfather. that'd explain the baby in his arm (little aryan jesus) and his flowering staff (that's how people were able to figure out he'd be a good daddy for jesus).

the procession went like this: the marching band would lead, followed by a team of supporters holding up the statue of saint joseph covered in money. they'd go from street to street, stopping frequently to let people walk up to the statue to pay their respects and add more money. (past processions: st. calogero, fisherman's feast 1 and 2).

a woman asked what i was taking photos for, and i told her just for kicks. she told me she used to be a globe photographer and said i was doing a good job. i was honored at first then i started wondering, how would she even know? i could be taking photos of kneecaps for all she knew. but maybe i was getting the right angle, the statue of saint joseph with the sacred heart church in the background. i can also tell i was standing at the sweet spot because i noticed a few professional photographers lurking nearby.

it was just a quick outing, and soon afterwards i made my way home on yet another hot day. i'm starting to consider putting in the air conditioner, especially if the weather reports are right, and we're looking at some even hotter and stickier weather later in the week. there's no need to suffer needlessly!

in the evening i went over to my parents' place bringing half a dozen flan i made yesterday and a new craisin bread loaf i baked today. this time around i used just 3 cups of flour to 1 cup of water. the bread was less dense and there was more rise, but i'm still not happy, although it's the best raisin/craisin bread i've made in the past 3 attempts.