i met amanda in downtown crossing around noon, where we walked down to the financial district (my old haunt from my yesteryears with screen house) and had lunch at max's (i was happy to see it was still there and not converted to some fancy uppity food joint).

later we caught a matinee at the boston common, the 40-year-old virgin. we played some expensive arcade game that involved driving but amanda's steering wheel was broken. i also got a quarter's worth of new 3D pac-man. the theatre wasn't crowded and we managed to stretch out, pulling up the arm rests and taking over several seats around us. the movie's a modern day sex comedy and the title pretty much explains what kind of hilarity might ensue as a middle-aged man attempts to lose his virginity with the help of his coworkers who are determined to get him laid. i wonder if the christian conservative movement will embrace this movie, since it's essentially say that it's cool to be a virgin, a message not often heard from the hollywood movie studios. religion never comes into play though; our chaste hero is a virgin through involuntary celibacy, a few botched past opportunities turning him off to even the idea of being with a woman again. once he decided to get back into the game though, time for the yuck yucks.

amanda left to go have dinner with her father while i returned home. that's when i heard from julie, asking me if i wanted to go check out the festival happening down at the north end this evening. i said yes and went to the T stop to wait for her. several trains had passed and i was still waiting, until i heard somebody calling my name from the other end of the platform. apparently she was on the previous train and called me from the door but i didn't hear her, so she ended up going to harvard square and taking a return train back to porter to get me.

the fisherman's feast festival was happening down at the north end. we had missed the procession of the madonna yesterday (along with the blessing of the water), but there was plenty of vendors and carnival activities and bandstands. we wandered around through the crowd of people, then had dinner at pizzeria regina, where we waited outside for a bit before we got seated. i've eaten there before, but we ordered a pizza that surprised me with its deliciousness (something with prosciutto).

we left the north end, trying to find a place to watch the red sox game which was just starting (playing the angels on the west coast). since i'm not one for noisy bars on a friday night, i suggested we head back to my place, where we could watch in relative tranquility and then later i could give julie a ride home on the bike. the game ran late with extra innings and was finally over close to 2am, with a red sox victory. i gave julie a ride home then came back.