ah, seeing joel's travel photos makes me nostalgic for my old traveling days. with the weather this past week pretty gloomy and no good photos to post, i figured i'd look through the vault (southeast asia collection contains 45,961 photos) and see what i can dig up. it was a year ago today that i was still in bangkok...

pastel doors

amulets for sale

motor boats on chao phraya river

red candles in chinese temple

chinatown temple

bangkok chinatown

no point going outside with all this cold rain still falling. by the time i woke up it felt like it was already late with the sky so dark. i watched all sorts of programs on television, including a PBS documentary about annie oakley. i also surfed the web like my life depended on it, catching up on all the news, including joel's website, where he has some photos from his recent vacation to sweden and iceland. i finally got a copy of when a stranger calls (the 2006 remake) and watched that as well.

the movie isn't bad - just that there isn't much of a story. the whole premise of the film is based on that famous line, "we've traced the call - it's coming from inside the house!" camilla belle as the babysitter is easy on the eyes though. the house is amazing although it doesn't seem very children friendly with lots of modern sharp corners, open balconies, and shelves of delicate vases. and for a family so rich to be able to afford such an expensive home they're awfully cheap when their own two kids have to share a bedroom. when the stranger finally does show up, the babysitter is surprisingly brave and responsible when she tries to help the children escape; if it was me i'd be out the door running as far away as possible.

i took a bath in the evening and then had dumplings for dinner while watching an episode of hustle (an old episode, but they're all good). saturday night live with julia louis-dreyfus was surprisingly funny, from beginning to end. alternate reality US president al gore! bum love! myspace seminar! rolling dice! getting ketchup out of a bottle!