my parents came over this morning bringing with them food and to make sure that my place was organized enough to allow for guests later in the day. they brought the turkey, which i threw into the oven and made sure it was cooking well while they went back to the cafe to prepare more food. i spent the rest of the day cleaning up the house, throwing whatever that didn't belong into the guest bedroom closet. my sister was the first to arrive, helping me to spruce up my place some more while i was busy in my bedroom playing diablo.

i like the quietness of thanksgiving. i like how all my neighbors are gone, their homes dark and empty. i can turn up the music and not worry about anyone complaining. i can leave the blinds open and not have someone looking inside my place. weatherwise though, today was weird: usually thanksgivings are cold temperature affairs, but for some reason it was in the 60's today, and very humid. i didn't like it at all and secretly wished it'd snow.

as evening approached, people started showing up. unlike last year when we had a 25 lbs. turkey, this year we only had a 17 lbs. i thought it was too small for the 13 guests (parents, sister, my aunt lili and uncle matthew, my 2nd aunt, my grand uncle, my godmother and her two sons, one of their girlfriends, family friend daughter vanessa, and a graduate student that my parents invited at the last minute) but i ended up getting leftovers, which is what i wanted (i didn't get any last year).

when dessert came around i brought out my flan. i made extras this year so anyone who wanted more could have another serving. i was horrified when they weren't being carved out of the ramekins correctly, and was disheartened to see people dumping bits of leftover flan over the caramel topping (this diminishes the aesthetic presentation): in order to give everyone the proper flan experience, i had to serve them myself. as the night wore on, people started leaving, and finally the rest of my immediate family left, cleaning as they went, so that you wouldn't even know i had thanksgiving at my place unless you looked inside the fridge and saw all the tupperware containers filled with leftovers.

thanksgiving 2001, 2002, and 2003!

anyone who sends me a thanksgiving food photo i will be more than happy to post it on this website!