making bing

21 lbs. turkey

went to bed last night at 6am, woke up this morning at 1pm. i would've slept more were it not for the fact that today was thanksgiving and i had to get up and clean and make my room look presentable. this is surprisingly new behavior for me, being that i have a bad holiday attitude. how so you ask? i basically wear what i wore last night to sleep (old t-shirt and pair of shorts) and i don't comb my hair. but you know, there shouldn't be any rules during a holiday. i should be able to do whatever makes me feel comfortable, and not getting dressed up for thanksgiving is what i like to do, it feels natural to me. besides, my house, house rules, nuff said.

originally i was suppose to take care of carrie's cats while she went away for the weekend. carrie lives about a mile away from my house, it would've been no sweat to go to her apartment twice a day to feed her cats. but just a few days before thanksgiving break, carrie told she'd be taking her cats home to her mom's, so my services were no longer needed. and i was so looking forward to taking care of her cats! i have never catsat before, it would've been a first. i have indirectly dogsat though, 4th grade my friend at the time mark mcgyver was dogsitting for a neighbor and i went with him. i recall that event vividly because we dared each other to try the dog biscuits and he ended up eating one just to see what it was like. sweet 1984! good times, good times.

so i'm cleaning my room, and it's always a surprise because i end up finding stuff that i lost, or discover things i have that i never knew existed. for example, i found my gym locker and the proof-of-purchase tickets for my copy of os x that i need in order to upgrade to 10.1. i located my ikea 2001 catalog, which i will use as a bible in decorating my new apartment (when i eventually by one that is). i came across a large 7x10" fresnel lense which i bought from a factory outlet store a while back when i was really into using the power of the sun as a natural weapon.

alex arrived at my house at 5pm. yesterday i invited him over for thanksgiving because he didn't have any family in the boston area and he wasn't doing anything particularly special today. he brought over a vcd copy of shaolin soccer, and we watched a little bit of it on my mac before dinner, it was a pretty funny movie from what little i saw.

so then dinner! in our house we eat our turkey peking duck style rolled up in a bing with hoisin sauce, chinese chive, coriander, and of course strips of turkey. it's almost like a family secret because i don't know any other family that eats thanksgiving turkey this way. i am also a complete barbarian when it comes to thanksgiving. i've been waiting all year for this food orgy, i don't exactly obey the normal rules of proper dining etiquette. i take what i want, i eat with my hands, it's very savage. after i'm well fed though, i once again become quite docile.

ewa-marine underwater housing
wish i had one of these for my digital camera when i went to turkey, so i could take some underwater photography. maybe next time. i saw an ad for it in the b&h digital photography sourcebook. prior to that, the only other underwater housing i knew of was the ikelite housing, and those things cost as much as a new camera, $800. the ewa-marine is still pricey, $150, but relative to the ikelite it's quiet cheap. i can also use the ewa-water in the rain or in the snow if i don't want the camera to get wet.

red pants sightings
janeane "money in the bank" garofalo was on conan o'brien tonight, and as if i couldn't love her even more than i already do, she was wearing red pants. and if that wasn't enough, the third guest (some musician? some comedian? who knows, who cares) was also wearing red pants. it's going to come to the point where if you don't have a pair of red pants in your wardrobe, you're going to be a fashion pariah.