this morning i moved out 7 of my biggest bitter melon seedlings, let them harden outside before transplanting to the gardens. i wanted to move all my bitter melon seedlings but wanted to test these first to make sure they can handle the night time temperatures (50's).

i went to market basket to get a few things, including ingredients for making some gyros. i returned home to switch to my motorcycle before getting to the cafe by 10:40am. my parents were already there opening up the store.

my father went home to rest, leaving my mother, my 2nd aunt, and myself to work the cafe. my sister showed up again, unofficially working even though nobody asked her. she brought some stuff she got from the formaggio outdoor barbecue. i had a smoked sausage with sauerkraut that was actually pretty good, but the collard greens and pickled tomatoes were too bland.

much like the other days this week, we had a steady stream of customers and ended the day with a decent amount of profit. at one point in the afternoon i went over to my sister's place to check up on esmei. i let her outside into the backyard to use the bathroom but she spent it chewing on a knucklebone and some stray branches.

my father showed up around closing time. my sister had already left an hour ago after it was so busy anymore. while my parents gave my 2nd aunt a ride home, i took the motorcycle to belmont.

while using the bathroom, i got a call from the cafe, which was actually a customer's call getting rerouted to my phone. it was a woman looking to make a large order for tuesday night. i thought i could just memorize what she wanted, but luckily there was a pen & paper in the bathroom that i could write everything down.

when my parents got home my mother asked my father to grill some meats on the barbecue: a beef steak, some cumin-covered lamb chops, and some bonus asparagus. there was so much fat dripping that it caused a grease fire. we repeatedly moved the meats around the grill to avoid the flare-ups. my mother came out just as we finished grilling (4-5 minutes per side) and ate one of the lamb chops fresh off the grill, still smoking in her hand.

the lamb had a lot of flavor, helped in part by the cumin. the steak was just seasoned with salt & pepper, and was kind of bland compared to the lamb. the asparagus were also good, can't wait to pee later tonight and experience the shock of pungent asparagus urine.

i left soon afterwards, trying to avoid the impending rain. unfortunately i was a bit too late and it had already started to drizzle. my upper body stayed dry thanks to the windshield, but my shoes and pant legs were damp from road splashes. i got back a little after 6pm, parked 2 blocks away.

i couldn't help myself and set up the onn 4K streaming box last night. i added the iyf.tv app, as well as smarttube (commercial free youtube) and onstream (pirated streams). it's so much better than the xiaomi mi box i got 4 years ago. i like how it integrates with my panasonic HDTV so i can just use the onn remote to control everything. i also like how it consolidates a bunch of free streaming channels (pluto tv, google, plex): my favorites are the classic tv channels, like three's company. the one thing i don't like is it can't recognize exFAT formatted drives, which is normally how i format my thumb drives.

i watched the OKC-dallas game. OKC was in control for much of it, but the mavericks kept chipping away until finally they stole the game in the end. doesn't matter, i don't think dallas can beat either denver or minnesota. tomorrow afternoon the pacers face off against the knicks in game 7 to decide who will meet the celtics in the eastern conference final.