my father was at the cafe today when i arrived. i should've known something was wrong, because apparently he seemed to be there to teach me how to work the front of the cafe. i prefer to work in the back (so i don't have to deal with the customers), and when i told him i didn't want to work the front, he returned home to belmont.

today was busy around the 12-1pm period. things were going well and we seemed to have a handle on incoming orders, until it got to a point where it turned a little crazy. my sister is a bad communicator and spends her time chatting with customers instead of telling us about the orders, or occasionally checking to see if everything is running right. of course instead of blaming herself, she immediately snapped at us (myself and my 2nd aunt), said it was our fault that we missed items.

other than the toxic work environment that is working with my sister, the only other memorable thing that happened today was some customers wanted some extra spicy hot sauce. so i gave them some of my yellow habanero hot sauce, fermented with a dash of chinese baijiu, a complex mix of flavors, everything from sweet to salty to sour to hot. they seemed to like it, gave me some inspiration to make more hot sauces.

after that busy period, business cooled off. i always seemed to be the most busy, whether it's making another batch of 30 tea eggs, steeping some green tea, chopping more scallions, cooking up some black noodles, sorting the beef noodles, or washing the dishes.

wifi was down this morning, a router issue and only affected the private wifi, the public wifi and ethernet were still working. i fixed it by unplugging and plugging the router. but then it happened again in the late afternoon, intermittent lose of internet. i unplugged the router and when that didn't work, i unplugged the cablemodem. that seemed to fix it for the time being, but because our square register needs the internet to communicate with the credit card authorization server, it wasn't able to do that for the last order, so that payment never went though. fortunately it was only $4, but still, unreliable comcast business cost us some money.

there was one last piece of drama around closing time. customers came in, asked for dumplings and a pot of tea, and proceded to eat here even though we were 5 minutes from closing. i told my sister to tell them we were closing, but she said it was okay, that she could stay later and wait for the customers to leave.

i headed to belmont around 4:30pm. besides my heavy backpack, my mother also asked me to bring a bunch of other ingredients.

first thing i did when i arrived at my parents' place was to check on the status of my aeroponic plants. it'd been 5 days, the seedling still seem the same size as last time. i think they're not getting enough nutrients because i noticed some yellowing leaves, i'll need to make some adjustments tomorrow.

for dinner we had sour fish stew again. later i'd learn it was leftover from last week. my parents just added fresh ingredients, so it looked like a new pot.

temperature had dropped down to 33 degrees by the time i headed back home. i didn't think it'd get this cold, so i didn't wear my thermal underwear. fortunately i manage to warm up after a few minutes of peddling.