last night i started watching the menu (2022) around 1am. figured i'd just get a little taste of this foodie thriller, try and see if it was worth watching or not. i ended up watching the whole movie until 3am. so great, an unexpected dark comedy thriller. anya taylor-joy is in it, her distinctive face makes me want to rewatch the queen's gambit on netflix or maybe the witch (2015).

before i went to bed, i went online to grab the chinese subtitle file for the menu, since i thought it'd be a movie my mother might want to watch. while i was browsing, i discovered that season 2 of mayor of kingstown had started, and tonight at 3am was when the first episode would be released. so of course i couldn't sleep until i downloaded the episode first.

my next door neighbors have left their kitchen light on all night for the past few nights. i actually think they're not home, and the lights are on a timer. it's annoying because it makes my bedroom bright enough that i can read in bed without turning on my own lights. i know i can just close my eyes, but knowing that their lights are on bothers me to no end. when i bought my travel neck pillow it came with a sleep mask, which looks like a tiny black bra. i've tried using it the past few nights, it does the job done in that it makes everything very dark, but i can't seem to sleep with it, i always take it off after 20 minutes.

i was in no hurry to get to belmont, and i didn't leave my house until after 12pm. i don't think my upstairs neighbors were home, because i didn't hear their kitchen sink food processor running in the morning like they normally do (it's loud enough that i can hear it in the whole house). i had cold leftover pizza for lunch (my parents asked if i wanted them heated but i'm fine with cold, even though hot crispy pizza probably tastes better).

there was a trio of playoff football games on today, the first one being a dolphins-bills game. had buffalo played and won their game with the bengals 2 weeks ago, they could've gotten the bye and didn't have to suffer the ignobility of having to play a game this week. at first it looked like the bills would dominate the dolphins when they scored 2 touchdowns in quick successions. but after that they couldn't score another touchdown in the half, and miami actually came back and tied the game before halftime, though the bills managed to kick a field goal before the break. in the second half the bills scored two touchdowns and the dolphins matched them with 2 of their own. miami ended up losing 31-34, but the game was unexpectedly close. either the dolphins are really good (operating with their backup QB no less), or the bills were rusty, got too confident that they'd easily beat miami and advance.

the second game of the day was between the giants and vikings. i had it on in the background but wasn't really paying attention. i was helping my father resolve some issues with our finance spreadsheet. we actually managed to take into account every single transaction this year (2022), such that the final numbers came out exactly on target. normally we're more or less a few hundred dollars. giants ended up winning, 31-24.

for dinner my mother made a mushroom stirfry and a chicken-zucchini stirfry, matched with a single fried rice made of egg and garlic. i left soon afterwards to beat the oncoming snowstorm. the latest forecast said a dusting to an inch along the coast, so i wasn't expecting to see much. i strapped the gopro camera to the handlebar so i could get some good snow footage as it was windy and flurrying outside.

when i got back home, i tried to review the footage but discovered the file was corrupted (1.9GB, copied but wouldn't play). i ended up using wondershare video repair v1.1.2 to fix it, an app from 2020. it actually managed to save the file by using a similar video document i took and transposing the codecs to repair the damaged file. the saved file played, but there was about 1/3 of blank corruptions on the back, which i trimmed off using the handbrake app when i retranscoded the file to make it smaller. wondershare has a newer version called repairit and i tried that as well (v.4.0.4). the interface was different, but it did the same thing, using a similar file to salvage the damaged file. when i went to save the repaired video though, it seemed to be stuck at 70%, so i cancelled the operation. the old version (v1.1.2) seems to work better, surprisingly.

as for the memory card (64GB sandisk extreme), i decided to reformat it after i couldn't figure out how to erase the corrupted video file (i erased it manually on my computer but it was still showing up on the camera). if files get corrupted again, i have other microSD cards i can use.

the last game of the evening was between the ravens and bengals. like the giants-vikings game, i had no vested interests in either teams. i had the game in the background, but i was rewatching the menu again, that ending was simply awesome. bengals ended up winning in a weird goal line play when the ravens lost the ball within inches of scoring a touchdown and the bengals caught it and ran it back for their own touchdown. either teams would score after that.