it never got very busy at the cafe today, but just a steady trickle of business, which is the best kind, not too much, not too little. because my sister didn't do her catered meals this week, she wasn't at the cafe. my parents carved up the chunk of hickory smoked ham we bought over the weekend and a ham broth with the leftovers. i had some ham broth rice noodle for lunch.

i didn't feel well today, got some body aches and as the day wore on, i started to get this weird irritated feeling in my throat. feeling like i might be coming down with something - and by something i mean covid - i took a test. it was negative, not sure if i was happy or sad about that. it seems regardless of how crappy i feel, i seem incapable of testing positive for the coronavirus. maybe i'm just lucky that way, my immune system kills the viruses before they can become covid.

speaking of covid tests, the nearby public library was handing out free tests and masks. my sister, my father, and myself all paid it a visit, gathering boxes and packages. we have enough tests to last us for a few months.

i was trying to customize the square order tickets, make it so same items aren't group together, as we often overlook the fact that there might be more than one items. it'd be a lot easier if each item was printed out per line, even if it's a repeat. unfortunately you don't seem to be able to do this with square. i did however figure out you can print order tickets for in person orders as well.

in the evening there was a brilliant sunset in the sky. i noticed it right away from the window and went out to take a bunch of photos. the colors looked like something out of a maxfield parrish painting.

since it wasn't very busy, my parents told me i could leave by around 5:30pm. i brought out the trash when i got home. for dinner i reheated some mexican chicken soup.