the federal grant survey for my parents' cafe was due today. i spent nearly 4 hours working on it from the moment i got out of bed, promising myself i wouldn't take a break until i finished. last night my sister sent me a bunch of 2021 amazon invoices which i had to sort through to figure out which items applied. even then, there was still some money not accounted for. i ended up totaling all the money we spent at foodpak express and restaurant depot. that put us way over the grant amount, but i didn't bother trimming it down, i collected all the support evidence into pdf files and sent them out by 2pm.

only then was i finally able to take a break. instead of having lunch, i decided to run some errands first. the weather outside was grey and slightly wet from sporadic ocean-swept sprinkles. temperature was in the lower 40's so warmish but not the most comfortable. i biked to whole foods to return my magnetic knife holder (the one that i bought earlier that wasn't designed to be fridge-mounted). i used the automated kiosk, and when i went to put the knife holder into the metal bin, it stucked to the side. i had to peel it off and manually toss it further down into the bin.

riding back, i went to walgreens to pick up my 90-day amlodipine prescription. walgreens never contacted me again about my prescription after sending me an automated voicemail last week. i had to look up the status online. before i left i bought some mike & ike candy on sale (4 for $4).

i still had two bagels left so i decided to made a bacon & egg sandwich. when i took the bagels out of the bag however (they've been sitting on the kitchen counter for over 3 weeks), there was a thick layer of green mold between the bagels. so instead i had a shin black cup of noodles for a late lunch. i made a glass of celestial seasonings gingerbread spice tea, as well as a glass of matcha latte.

my replacement 6ft belkin surge protector arrived today. this is the advantage of buying from a reputable company with a solid warranty. to be honest, i wasn't quite sure if they'd actually send me a replacement, but to belkin's credit, they did. i plugged it in my kitchen, hopefully it won't burn out like the other one.

last weekend i signed my parents to get their covid booster shot at the cambridgeside galleria mall so they could score $75 gift cards each. those appointments were for tonight at 7:15pm, so they closed the cafe early so they could get there early, maybe grab something to eat at the food court beforehand. i thought it'd be a quick visit, and could see their locations on google map sharing, but they were there for over 2 hours. after they finally left, i called my mother. i imagined the place would be pretty empty, but she said it was super crowded and they had to wait in line for an hour before they got their shot. i think the fact that you could earn a $75 gift card was probably a high incentive for people to get their covid vaccine. afterwards my parents had some japanese food there before finally leaving (they went to my sister's godmother's place to drop off her brand new pair of allbirds shoes).

i warmed up two slices of chicken pot pie in the toaster oven around 8:45pm, didn't eat until 9:20pm. they were okay but bland. i still have two more slices left, but i'm not sure if i want to eat them again tomorrow night, or go for something else.