i went to harvard vanguard in the late morning to pick up my mother's HBP medication, which was a refill after she lost the original prescription a few days ago. the weather today was in the 50's and cloudy, with rain expected to later in the evening and all the way through wednesday. we are no longer in a drought but could still use the water (we're still down 12" from our typical average).

when i got to harvard vanguard, the pharmacist said somebody had already picked up the prescription yesterday afternoon. how could that be when i was with my parents practically the whole day? so i called my father, and sure enough, they did pick it up (when they left for the cafe to drop off the supplies), just nobody told me, so i wasted a trip here. but my father said they also requested some at-home covid tests which weren't ready yesterday. so i asked the pharmacist about it and she said she totally forgot to fill out the order, and they can be picked up in 15-20 minutes. i didn't bother waiting so i just returned home, figured i'd come back later in the afternoon.

i made an egg and kielbasa bagel sandwich for lunch. i thought the morocco-spain game was over (it started at 10am) so was surprised to see it was still going after 120 minutes with a tied score of 0-0. i watched as the game went into penalty kicks. morocco's goalie was a beast, stopping all of spain's attempted goals. when morocco scored 3 in the shootout, spain was officially eliminated. i kept thinking about my moroccan mailman, whom i bumped into yesterday and told me morocco was going to beat spain.

after opening up the pixel 6 last night, i continued comparing it to the pixel 7. both phones have the same camera hardware, but when i took some sample photos, i noticed the pixel 7 photos were a bit more pale for some reason.

as for the google camera app, they were nearly identical, taking on the custom theme color of the phone (which was a nice touch). the only thing the pixel 7 had was a cinematic video mode, which using software algorithms can blur out the video background for a more "cinematic" effect, but i think its too gimmicky, isn't 100% effective, and not something i need.

i tried taking a few more comparison photos with the pixel 6 and pixel 7. since they share the same camera hardware, they should take the same photos, but they don't. i found the pixel 6 to have more depth of field, but the pixel 7 produced more faithful colors.

after lunch i went to the UPS store to drop off the broken belkin surge protector so they can send me a replacement. i then went to market basket to get some groceries. i got a bunch of frozen dinners, too lazy to cook this week. i returned home and waited for my father, who was also at market basket, after first picking up the covid tests from harvard vanguard. he went to the supermarket to get some ground pork but the grinder in the butcher department was broken. he came by to pick up the four packages of frozen boneless chicken thighs.

once he left, i went out again - 2:30pm - first to michael's to pick up the replacement 128GB microSD PNY sent me under warranty service. UPS tried to deliver it to my house last week but for some reason PNY requested a signature and i wasn't home at the time, so the package was rerouted to michael's, which apparently has a partnership with UPS and operates as one of their package depository.

next i went down mass ave to central square, to the amazon hub locker, to return the anker tribit maxsound plus portable bluetooth speaker. there was an attendant there but i didn't need his help. i scanned the QR code and one of the storage lockers automatically opened so i could put in the speaker. it was all very easy, but represents a proliferation of cost-cutting self-checkout services at the expense of paid employees.

i traveled back mass ave through harvard square to get back home by 3:15pm. the switzerland-portugal game was still on, the score was 4-1 in portugal's favor, the game was pretty much won by that point. portugal would end up adding two more goals to make it 6-1 when the game finally ended. ronaldo tried to score a goal to continue his streak but the one goal that he did make was taken away because he was offsides.

i put a brick of frozen lasagna in the oven while i went to use the bathroom and take a shower. after an hour my dinner was ready and i ate while watching the georgia special runoff election coverage on MSNBC. warnock won for the second time. there should've never been a runoff in the first place, a legacy of jim crow laws. i hope georgia will change their election rules so this doesn't happen again.

my testing of both the pixel 6 and 7 continue. in online photos of the pixel 7 i noticed a customized app icon where they were monochrome. i didn't have this option on my pixel 7 - but i think that's because i'm using the nova launcher, which inhibits that feature. so i tried looking for it on the pixel 6 - where it was running the stock google launcher - and sure enough, in the wallpaper & style setting there was an option for "themed icons". i actually prefer those, hopefully nova launcher will make that option available at some point. i also like the wallpaper selection on the pixel 6 - plant themed - compared to that on the pixel 7 - which are feathered themed. for some reason these plant wallpapers are not available on the pixel 7 (and vice versa). what the pixel 7 does have - after a feature update (it's running android 13) - are "live blooms" - which are live 3D plant wallpapers. there isn't a lot - just 4 choices - but they're super cool. they sort of move when you move the camera around using a 3D parallax effect.