it's been so dry inside the house, i woke up with wounds all over on my arms and legs from scratching at my itchy skin during the night. i may have to invest in a humidifier, or grease myself up with moisturizer before bed.

i biked to the cafe to work today. since we'd be closed starting tomorrow until next tuesday, today was about preparing just enough food so we don't end up with leftovers that might spoil over the next 5 days. we nearly depleted all of our tea eggs, my mother ended up boiling half a dozen eggs and doing a quick steep in tea egg brine.

it ended up being a pretty busy day: 9 bento boxes, 2 orders of tea eggs (4 eggs), 9 dumplings, 3 fried rice, 3 taiwanese beef noodles, 2 ramen noodles, and 4 assortment of other noodles. still, business tapered off enough in the late afternoon early evening that i returned home by 5pm.

my street was practically empty, a lot of neighbors having left to go visit families for thanksgiving, including my upstairs neighbors. a very quiet night, which is fine by me. i brought in the last of the trash cans.

first thing i did when i got back was download the season finale of andor. i connected my computer to my tribit bluetooth speaker and settled in to watch the episode with some snacks (fishsnacks, apple cider vinegar potato chips, hot cinnamon tea). the episode was so good, i watched it again later in the evening. as great a show andor is, i'm not sure i could recommend it to anyone. it helps if you've seen rogue one and liked that movie, plus you have to be well versed in the star wars universe.

lacking any food imagination, i once more made some korean rice cake for dinner. i had to use up the leftover fried tofu squares anyway. i could've also made korean instant noodles, but adding the fried tofu to the noodles seemed like a waste. i ate while watching the mavericks-celtics game. it was a good bounce back victory after their lose to chicago a few nights ago. luka doncic was unstoppable, seemingly to shoot and score at will regardless of defenders. fortunately for the celtics they had 6 players scoring double digits and they were no match for dallas.