i went to the cafe a bit before 10:30am. it wasn't busy at all today, or so it seemed. we didn't have our first customer until 11:40am. then around 1pm it got really busy, and didn't stop until we finally closed at 4pm. 10 bento boxes, 6 taiwanese beef noodle soup, 2 ramen noodles, 3 dumplings, 2 dan dan noodles, 4 steamed buns, and 13 bubble milk tea. by the end of the day there were just 4 tea eggs left (though we still had a fresh batch of 15 in the fridge) and only a single serving of beef noodle soup. DC showed up in the late afternoon for lunch (beef noodle soup), right during the busiest stretch. afterwards he took a selfie with us before returning to the house. i made sure the heat was on, since the nest thermostat is keyed to my phone, so when i'm not at home, it will lower the temperature to save money.

got a strange call at the cafe: a woman phoned in saying she made an order online but wouldn't be able to pick it up for the time she chose. i looked on the app and didn't see any orders. "i just made it a few minutes ago," she said. she tole me it was for the vegetarian flatbread with chips. i asked her to repeat the order. "vegetarian flatbead with humus," she said. i told her she called the wrong place because we don't carry that. she sheepishly hung up.

i finally left the cafe close to 5pm, riding the motorcycle to my parents' place. i was thinking about the remaining plants we have in the sunroom and how they might be freezing to death, but my parents said the sunroom gets warm enough during the day that they open the door to allow the hot temperature to circulate through the house. i figured i'd hold off on moving the plants until tomorrow.

the new washer drain hose extension also arrived a few days ago. my father and i went down to the basement to install it. it's 8ft - much longer that what we need (we only needed 1ft worth of extension) - so we ended up coiling the tube so it can fit behind the washer and sink. we won't know if the extension will work until we do a load of laundry. we can also attach the extension hose inside the washer, but that involves opening up the back panel. we can also cut the hose to make it shorter, but that's a last resort.

i brought the bosch combo drill & impact driver to show my father. before i could open it, he said to hold off, and told me about a milwaukee drill he saw the contractor use to disassemble the cafe backyard deck. it was very compact but had a lot of power. i ended up pulling the webcam videos from thursday morning to see what the contractor was using. from the looks and sounds of it, it appears he's using an impact driver to unfasten the screws. we then ended up going down a rabbit's hole of milwaukee drills, their M12 and M18, and the various generations. the impact driver looks to be a M12 FUEL. a hammer drill and impact driver combo with 2 batteries sells for $200 from home depot, about double the price of what i paid for my bosch combo (which i've decided to return). the latest generation 3 of the M12 has a maximum torque of 400 in.lb. our old ryobi 18V cordless drill (P206) only has a 330 in.lb. torque.

i just home for barely an hour before it was dinnertime. my mother cooked up some leftover sour bamboo pork with rice noodles for her and me, while my father had fried rice. i ate the rice noodles with some smoked hot peppers, it was a pretty flavorful dinner.

i left before 7pm, wanted to get back home before it got even colder, with the temperature down in the lower 40's. i found DC cooking dinner, a combination of instant noodles and two packages of lobster tails. he said he wanted to get live lobsters but he visited two super markets and none of them carried them. so he settled for lobster tails instead. i got the feeling it was intended to be a private meal, since he made no effort to share (although i would've refused anyway, i'm not a big fan of lobsters). i saw the haul in his suitcase, bags of rice, boxes of noodles, and various chinese sauces and other goodies. he actually has to pay extra for luggage ($35), but it's still cheaper than shipping all that stuff back to new mexico. i'm just really afraid he'll go over the weight limit, or there might be a mishap where a bottle of soy sauce breaks inside his suitcase. i also told him because it was close to thanksgiving, the airport was going to be very congested, and he should leave earlier than the 7am departure time he had in mind to catch his 9:30am flight to virginia.