DC didn't leave for work until 11am today. only after he did was i able to properly start my day. after using the bathroom, after a shower, i made a bagel sandwich for lunch. in the afternoon i packed up the rosewill induction cooker and went to the porter square post office to drop it off for return (prepaid return label). from there i biked to market basket with the hopes of securing a large frozen turkey. big birds seemed to be hot items, there was only a few left of the large frozen variety. one was 21 lbs, another was 25 lbs, and a third didn't have a label. i ended up passing on the turkey, will try again tomorrow morning. i also needed to get some scallions but all the ones they had were thin limpy kinds, so i'm going to try getting some from aldi's tomorrow as well.

after dropping off the milk at my house, i switched to the motorcycle and left for the cafe. the contractors came this morning to disassemble the patio deck. they didn't bring the pieces down in the basement but instead left them leaning against the side of the building. my sister told me it was a liability issue, that if one of them got hurt we'd have to pay, which i thought was a stupid excuse. my father and i ended up hauling the pieces into storage. some of them are actually pretty heavy. it's kind of sad seeing the patio gone, but we regain two parking spaces.

my sister's godmother came to the cafe while i was there. she went to her naturalization ceremony today. she said guests weren't allowed (which i thought was weird, maybe she said it so we wouldn't make a fuss and try to go) and when she arrived they took her phone for some reason. but she got her naturalization certificate, now she can apply for a US passport, and vote in the next election.

my father brought the san jamar slide check rack to the cafe. i'd never used of these things before, the design is pretty ingenious. the checks are held in place by marbles, and since they roll, they also act like ball bearings, so the checks easily into the rack. unfortunately it only came with screws, no sheetrock anchors, so we weren't able to mount it today (also my father didn't have a drill).

i left the cafe and returned home by 3:30pm. i spent the rest of the day compiling the documents i needed for the cambridge small business grant survey. i finally had everything ready but when i went to submit the documentation tonight, the form wouldn't work. i tried three different browsers, all of them failed. i sent the grant department an e-mail, i don't know if they'll respond in time, i may also have to call them tomorrow morning.

for dinner i reheated some leftover coconut bamboo chicken buns from yesterday. i ate them with a large serving of hot bean paste. it was delicious, but the bean paste was so strong in flavor, i really couldn't taste the coconut nor the bamboo nor the chicken.

my used OXO garlic press from poshmark arrived today. i didn't even know until later in the evening when i checked my doorstep and there was a package. it came all the way from hawaii of all places (i should've guessed when the seller had "aloha" in his username), and left just 3 days ago, so pretty speedy service. it'd been outside for so long, it felt freezing in my hands. i cleaned it up with some alcohol, good as new.

DC didn't get home until 11pm. i could hear boiling water and i smelled something that i think was instant noodles. afterwards he took a shower.