i went to sleep last night not knowing where DC was. realistically i didn't think he was dead (though it did cross my mind). i figured he was spending the night in his office, maybe unable to get home because it was pouring rain outside. when i woke up this morning at 9am, it seems like DC had returned home sometime in the AM (my guess is around 6:30am), judging from his bedroom door which was slightly ajar and the fact that the draft curtains by the foyer had been moved. but his shoes weren't there - maybe he brought them inside his bedroom because they were soaked. i could've easily confirmed if he was here or not by simply peeking into the bedroom, but i didn't want to disturb his privacy, so i just assumed he was home.

i figured DC wasn't going to wake up anytime soon, so i used the bathroom and took a shower in relative peace. around 10:30am i left the house for the cafe. the doppler radar said it wasn't raining anymore, but it didn't account for the mist, and my jacket and pants were soaked by the time i got to the cafe by bike. also i found out i had a big rip in the crotch of my pants; many of my pants have crotch rips, i think it's from biking.

it felt like it'd be busy today, since we got two big orders both happening around 11:30am, one for grubhub, another an online square order. it was also during that time that the internet went down, and i ended up having to call comcast business to complain. to make it even more interesting, an older taiwanese couple who knew my parents came to visit the cafe right at that time (the husband worked at mandarin taste back in the 90's). plus it was wednesday, and my sister does her catering stuff on this day, so the stress factor was high. fortunately after that early morning rush of business, it wasn't too busy after that, the taiwanese couple left, and the wifi came back online soon after i called comcast.

everyone pitched in to help my sister fulfill her orders by 3pm, even though she kept saying she didn't need our help and could do it all on her own. she made a weird coconut bun stuffed with chicken and bamboo, it was almost like she was just making up these recipes.

i left the cafe by 6pm. i put the rain cover on my wet bike seat but i still managed to get my butt wet. judging from the lights in the guest bedroom, i knew DC was already home. first thing he did when i came into the house was ask me about doing laundry. he's already washed a load, but set it on a rinse cycle instead of a wash cycle. i taught him how to use the washer, followed by the dryer.

i also got a chance to ask him about when he came home last night. he said 5:30am, but only stayed for about 3 hours before leaving again around 8am. so he did come home early this morning, but left before i even woke up. so i was tippy toeing around the house for nothing! he was working on some kind of proposal deadline, which he finally managed to finish today. i asked him when he was going back to new mexico on sunday, he said his flight was at 9am, but he was going to virginia for a week, to visit another telescope institute. he had at least one friend there, i said i hoped he'd get invited to a thanksgiving dinner.

i brought home a container of oil rice and chicken buns. i ate the rice for dinner around 8pm, after i finished downloading the latest episode (11) of andor. to think there's only one episode left next week! what will i watch when andor is off the air? there was also a celtics-hawks game, but right from the start i had a feeling boston was going to win, so i only watched the first few minutes.

i finished watching after yang. actually i just watched the first half, but it was so slow and sad, i read the wikipedia synopsis then quick-skimmed the rest of the movie. yang the family robot never does come back online, but he's shown in multiple flashbacks, as the father character (colin farrell) piece together yang's complicated history for a robot. it's a well-made and very thought-provoking film, but not really for me. i did like some of its future glimpses - like family robots - or how clones are a thing.

later in the evening, DC came out and asked me about some taiwanese elementary school textbooks he found while rummaging in the guest bedroom closet. i told him how in college i spent two summers in taipei going to a language school where we used elementary school textbooks. he was amazed that i had them, and in pristine condition no less, brought back a lot of childhood memories for him.