i slept surprisingly well in my old bedroom last night, despite having not slept there for nearly 2 years. i didn't wake up this morning forgetting where i was, which was one of my fears. the extra space (upgrading from a twin to a queen) was also liberating.

i went to the cafe earlier to start prep work: cooked 5 cups of rice, 4 servings of dumplings, and make a new batch of "black" noodles. i had to replace one of the induction cooker because my sister said my father had accidentally dropped it, leaving a crack across the tempered cooktop. it was one of the older burners anyway, due for a replacement. fortunately we had a brand new in-box rosewill cooktop in the basement which i brought upstairs.

i had my doubts my 2nd aunt would come to work today, after she just came back from new york city last night at 1:30am. so i was surprised when i saw her. i was also surprised when my mother showed up as well, helping us with the noontime rush of business, before leaving again.

i asked my 2nd aunt about her time spent in new york city. yesterday they actually went to that chuan chuan hot pot place i recommended, and my cousin said it was one of the best restaurants they ate during their US visit, so now she thinks i'm like this expert in finding great places to eat.

today was the second busiest day this week, despite being opened less hours. i finally left the cafe by around 5pm. i went to belmont, where i had enough time to do some drone flying in the backyard (after quickly charging up the drone phone to 5%) before we had dinner: a stew of sour bamboo with pork.

the 9.4" tempura frying pot arrived today. my father was testing it in the kitchen when i arrived, trying to see how accurate the thermometer was (only in celsius). my father said it's still only big enough to fry one piece of breaded salt & pepper chicken at a time.

i got back home by around 6:30pm. i noticed steve and paul were back judging by the upstairs lights. after a shower, i watched the celtics-knicks game, boston won again. on a whim, i went onto ebay and found an open-box rosewill cooktop for $49, which i purchased for a future backup.