i woke up late, around 10am, with about half an hour to get ready before i had to leave for the cafe to work. nevertheless i still ran late, and didn't get there by bike until 11am.

while working today, i also kept track of where where my 2nd aunt was, as she left for new york city this morning with my taiwanese aunt after my father dropped them off at coolidge corner to catch the brookline-departing flixbus. i watched on google map as they made their way to manhattan, drop off their luggage at nobleden hotel, have lunch in little italy, take a carriage ride in central park, then korean barbecue for dinner in koreatown before returning to the hotel.

it wasn't too busy today, despite the warm autumn weather. the bulk of the business today was from my sister's catering side project. an old customer came in asking for his order but my sister never received his e-mail, so she and my mother had to scramble together some leftovers to create enough for his order. when my aunt came by to pick up her order in the late afternoon, she also dropped off some extra halloween candy: twizzlers, sour patch kids, all favorites of mine.

i asked my mother today when my tenant will be arriving. he's coming this sunday around 5-6pm, which probably means i won't be able to have dinner at my parents while i need to wait for this guy to show up at my place. this was something hastily arranged by my mother a week ago, when she asked if i was willing to take in a taiwanese astrophysicist from new mexico who was staying here for just 2 weeks. i said yes since it's easy money. i don't know the person but apparently my mother does because he lived in the apartment above my sister's place for a while.

i returned home by 5:45pm. with sunset now around 5:30pm, i was ready and had my bike lights on. i couldn't wait to get back, so i could download the latest episode of andor (9). i was hoping for a jail break but it didn't happen this episode (most definitely will happen next week).

the heat in my house is set to 65 degrees, but because it wasn't so cold outside, the heat never turned on, so ironically it felt colder inside the house. i ended up turning up the heat to 68 degrees, which was a more pleasant room temperature.

i checked on the frying oil from last night that i added some gelatine to. there was a gelatinous disc that i fished out that seemed to have trapped all the excess solids on the oil. the remaining oil itself still looked a little cloudy, but i heard that's normal, and will clear up once i reuse it. i don't plan on doing any frying for the time being, but i did buy a 24cm japanese-style tempura frying pan for my father for $26.

around 8pm i had dinner, heated up a piece of leftover chicken katsu in the toaster oven, paired with some leftover rice, chopped cabbage, pickled daikon radishes, and homemade katsu sauce.

the powerball drawing tonight at 11pm, i didn't win. i only had one matching number (02).