i rolled out of bed before 10am to get ready to go to work at the cafe by 10:30am. i got an e-mail from MGH with the results of my cologuard screening: negative. no blood in the stool, no pre-cancerous cells. that's the good news. the bad news is cologuard is only good for 3 years, at which point i'll need to poop in a cup again. a colonoscopy on the other hand is good for 10 years, maybe i'll get that done next time.

i bumped into my retired firefighter neighbor who told me he gave up on riding and decided to sell his motorcycle. he confided in me that he also used to be into scuba diving but gave up that eventually as well. with the motorcycle, the day he turned 65, he realized it was just too much effort to ride. he got it mostly because he always dreamed of having one, but he did get one, it wasn't at all what he thought it'd be.

i got to the cafe a bit after 10:30am. my sister was already there, setting some chairs out on the back patio. i opened the cantilevered umbrella and put out the chairs and tables. i was surprised to see my father showing up. he didn't say why, but i think he was there to "teach" me to work at the front of the cafe. i know how to do it, i've done it before, but i prefer working in the back, i don't have the patience to greet customers. he kept pushing me to do something i didn't want to do, and i didn't want to work today, wanted to just leave and go back home and work on my bathroom.

when several orders started coming in, and he told my sister and 2nd aunt to work the back while we stayed in the front, it just seemed like a dumb and efficient idea, and i finally went back to help out with the orders. i think he gave up after that and returned home. i've been working weekends for several months now, we each have our preferences: i like to be in the back fulfilling the orders, while my sister likes to be in the front talking with the customers and making the drinks. it's a system that works for the most part (unless it's really busy and my sister goes crazy because she forgot to let us know about incoming orders).

once again we didn't think it'd be busy, but we had a steady stream of customers, including several online orders. with the nice warm weather we thought there'd be more people, but maybe they were all out taking advantage of the weekend. it's hard to predict when it might be busy or not. taiwanese beef noodle soup continues to be the most popular item, we had 5 sales today, including 4 that went to a group of contractors working nearby. second most popular item today was zhajiang noodles (3), which was a surprise, normally it'd be the bento boxes. a lot of old customers, and by that i mean customers who haven't visited in years decided to show up today. a handful of customers sat in the back, enjoying the weather. the low sun angle is such that even with the patio umbrella, there's hardly any shade, but the sunshine is a good balance to the cooler weather.

while rummaging through the storage bin, i discovered pantry moths (?) had laid eggs in the bag of suanmeitang ingredients my father had mixed last year. it wasn't stored properly. the cupboard will need to be cleaned out to make sure there are no bugs elsewhere.

the electrician was here on friday, to repair a few outlets (as well as the broken breaker in the upstairs apartment). however, the outlets still seem to have issues. the one for the front microwave seems to "flicker," or at least that's what my father said. after i reset the GFCI plug, it seemed to be working again. the other plug by the front chest freezer we couldn't get any active electricity reading on the monitor, but it still worked when we plugged it in (it had a metal wallplate, maybe that shielded our meter from reading it). finally, the outlet in the basement by the broken chest freezer, that GFCI plug doesn't work at all, shows a red light, and won't reset. the electrician will need to come back at some point to take a look at it.

we closed at 4pm, after some cleaning, i left by 4:20pm. my aunt took my mother to go chinese pear picking today, but lookout farm was so packed, they ended up not going and got some chinese food instead. i helped my father order some 5x20mm 240V 10A glass fuses today for his cigarette lighter plug. my mother was in no mood to cook tonight so we got some takeout from burger king. there were little kids running around outside and inside the restaurant, seemingly unsupervised, until i realized they belong to one the cashiers.

after returning home, i went to bruce's place to pick up some leftover cod chowder he'd made (or was it jack?). i'd heard they went to france recently, they were gone for over 3 weeks. they had a lot of great french cuisine (although a lot of places all seem to be closed on sundays and mondays) and bruce had an excuse to binge when he turned 60 on one of those vacation days. bruce said he'd like to go to a spanish pilgrimage walking tour on their next outing, and made tentative plans for a weekday naturing session, maybe to mount monadnock.

i didn't do any bathroom work today, felt a little guilty, but wasn't in the mood to do evening construction work. i did however watch a few more youtube videos about wall repairs, including how to install and coat a corner bead. tomorrow morning i plan on riding down to harbor freight to get a set of drill bits (for my stalled aeroponics project) and some drywall mud tools (12in taping knife and an inside corner tool).

i watched saturday night live hosted by megan thee stallion. it wasn't as funny as the past few episodes, they played up the black girl theme too much. i watch the show differently now, even since i found out they do 3 shows on saturday: an earlier dress rehearsal show (that's taped in case something goes wrong with the live show and they need to run a backup), an east coast show at 11:30pm EST, and a west coast show at 2:30am EST (at least that's what i heard, although they may just rebroadcast the east coast taping on the west coast, but there's definitely a dress rehearsal taping beforehand).