this morning i used the jigsaw to saw off one of the embedded drywall nails i couldn't get to with a screwdriver. i cut off the screw head in just a few seconds. i was waiting for the rain to end so i could start running my errands, and i finally left for the cafe around noontime. i borrowed an adjustable t-square. my father helped me cutting the long 2x4 in the basement to the proper length (slightly longer, 104") using a circular saw and we managed to fit it inside of the honda element. after that i drove to home depot again. originally i was going to return a few things, but i decided to do that some other day in order to save time. the only thing i needed to get was a box of coarse 1-5/8" drywall screws. i also grabbed a pair of clamps (99¢ each).

i stopped by my parents' house to get the laser measuring tool, before going to the cafe to pick up the t-square that i'd forgot. i then returned home to drop off the supplies, while loading the car back up with things i needed to return (like the 2x3 i bought yesterday that i found out was too short; i'd return them at some future date). back to the cafe one last time, my mother packed me some lunch, and i finally biked home by 3:20pm, where i had lunch.

around 6pm i started working in the bathroom again. i discovered a few more drywall screws that needed to be cut. this time it wasn't as easy as the screw i cut this morning. i smelled burning and i had to pry out the mangled nails, they never severed cleanly.

next came figuring out the cutout for the exposed vent pipe. i used a coil of wire to trace the basic shape, but wires are hard to work with as they're too pliable and don't keep their shape. i finally just eyeballed it, traced the wire onto a foam poster board, and removed the cutout with an x-acto knife. i then fit the cutout board into place, to figure out what needed to be improved. i didn't have anymore poster boards so i took a quick trip to the local dollar store to get some more (they only had black). using the first cutout, i traced a second cutout with slightly modifications. i fit that into place, saw where the gaps were, then went back and traced a 3rd cutout board. this one was the perfect size, fit around the pipe with little gaps. using this board as a template, the next step will be to trace it onto a piece of actual drywall, then remove the cutout with the jigsaw.

before i can start nailing the drywall however, i needed to put the 2x4 into place. as mentioned earlier, my father purposely cut the lumber slightly longer than i needed, so i could trim it down to size myself before setting it in place. i took several measurements with the laser tool, the actual length is 102-1/8". it took a while to clean my kitchen table (long time coming) so i could have a surface to clamp down the 2x4 and trim it to size. one thing i discovered was the 2x4 wasn't exactly straight, that there was a slight twist, but i don't think it'll be noticeable once installed. i then used the jigsaw to trim the end. i did a test run first. when it was cutting too slow, i turned on the oscillating setting, which cut it much faster, but a more ragged cut. for the actual cut i used a slower setting for a cleaner cut. one thing i noticed is how much vibration the 2x4 undergoes when i'm making the cut. things from the table where falling onto the floor, and i'm really glad i got those two clamps, otherwise i don't think i could've made that simple cut.

once the 2x4 was cut to size, i installed it inside the bathroom wall. it was still long enough that i could essentially wedge it into place, then used a hammer to gently center it. the fact that the wood has a slight twist to it made it so the top and the bottom wouldn't line up flush, but i'm hoping once i nail the drywall to the wooden frame, it'll cover up the defect. i then secured the 2x4 with some drywall nails, along with a small wooden "bridge" for additional structural integrity. i finished by 9:30pm, didn't even realize it was getting so late. after cleaning up, i moved the drywall onto the kitchen table so i can begin the process of cutting it down to size and nailing it onto the frame. that'll happen something this weekend. i'll then patch up the wall with joint compound and start painting next week, which should be quick. painting's the easy part.

because of my big late lunch, i wasn't in the mood for more pasta for dinner, so instead i finished the last of my salad. for dessert i finished the rest of the ube ice cream while watching the season finale of ring of powers. i thought this last episode was a bit clunky, especially how they revealed sauron.