by the time i biked to the cafe a bit before 10:30am, it'd already started raining. not even a drizzle, just drops, but it made me worried that more was coming, remnants of hurricane ian blowing through our way. i was surprised to find my parents at the cafe; they went there early to divide up the beef noodle soup broth. they left a bit after 11am.

there was a period midday where it got pretty busy. my sister quickly loses her shit when there are too many things happening (she's not good at multi-tasking), and i had a fight with her, told her today was the last time i'd ever work with her ever again. because we were arguing, neither of us paid attention to an online order, where it should've been 2 curry special instead of 1. there was also an issue with some moldy banana bread that a customer discovered, not to mention some pending orders. my sister seems to be entirely unsuited to the restaurant industry and everyone who's ever worked with her ends up never wanting to work with her ever again.

at least when it gets busy the day goes by much faster. before we knew it, it was already 4pm, closing time. when my parents were here, i asked them to bring my heavy backpack to belmont so i wouldn't have to carry it with me when i went to belmont afterwards. unfortunately i left my keys inside my backpack, which included my bike lock key. my 2nd aunt came up with the solution where i drove my sister's car with hailey to belmont, drop off her dog, grab my keys, then drive back, before biking back to belmont. it was a complicated maneuver, but at least by then the rain had stopped (several hours of a light misting, not even enough to wet the area underneath the patio umbrella). it was just a little cold, but i had on my 2-layered winter jacket ensemble.

i helped my father buy some replacement small-sized TENS pads on ebay, he's been using the electrical nerve stimulation device to treat some aches, after i found it behind the TV in his bedroom. my oscillating jigsaw arrived on thursday, the smart sprinkler timer yesterday. i only had time to check out the jigsaw.

after dinner i went home. my parents won't be home tomorrow because my aunt is taking them leaf-peeping in new hampshire. i probably will still stop by anyway, just to do some yardwork, maybe install the smart sprinkler to test it out.

i know the cold season is here when i switch from ice cold water to hot teas. tonight was the night. after a shower, i poured myself a tall glass of linden leaf tea.

this morning i felt a little worse for wear: there was a large lump at the booster vaccine injection site and i could feel the very swollen lymph node underneath my right armpit. as the day wore on, it did finally get a little better. the lump seemed to have subsided, although the injection site still hurts. i think my tomorrow i'll be back to normal.

i'm 36 hours from leaving for new york city but i haven't made any preparations yet. i'm only away for a 3-days-2-nights, so it's not a big trip. i'm worried about my fish because nobody will feed it while i'm gone, but i read tetras can survive for 7-12 days without food.