my right arm hurt from the covid vaccine but i still slept on it. i woke up this morning with a full body ache.

i got an e-mail from my doctor with the results from yesterday's blood work. he said my cholesterol level is still high, and after so many years of monitoring it, given my age, he's going to put me on some cholesterol drug. all my other metabolics look healthy, with the except of my platelet level, which is slightly elevated, and needs to be monitored. too much platelets in the blood stream could lead to cloating.

for lunch i finished the last of my pita pockets, stuffed with some failed teriyaki chicken and an assortment of vegetables.

i headed out to boston around 1:30pm. it was sunny but temperature was in the upper 50's and windy. i wore a long-sleeve shirt and a light jacket, but by the time i arrived in chinatown, i was so hot i stripped down to a t-shirt.

i only went to c-mart today, spent a good 30+ minutes tracking down a few things my mother wanted, like special bean sauce (for the beef noodle soup) and pork floss. i left by 2:30pm, rode down to haymarket. my haymarket haul: 2 pineapples ($4), 8 pluots ($2), 1lb. of long horn peppers ($2), 3lbs. bag of clementines ($2). none of the vendors had persian cucumbers, but the fishmongers were back, 3 tents, including the oyster shucker.

i left haymarket by 3pm. i stopped by the house to pick up the persian cucumbers i bought from market basket a few days ago, before continuing onwards to the cafe to drop off the supplies. my mother needed some more things so i was tasked with riding to the fresh pond trader joe to get some more cucumbers.

i returned to the cafe by 4:45pm, but it turned busy so i stayed to help fulfill a few incoming orders, as my sister had already left for the day. i had a taro boba because my father made one by mistake. i finally returned home by 6pm.

maybe it was all the biking i did today, but combined with the side effects from the vaccine, i felt especially tired, and my joints felt swollen. after getting home, i walked down to walgreens to pick up my cholesterol medication: 10mg of atorvastatin AKA lipitor. so on top of the atorvastatin, i'm also taking 12.5mg of hydrpchlorothiazide, 5mg of amlodipine besylate, 300mg of irbesartan, 1200mg of fish oil, and a centrum multi-vitamin.

i finally returned home by 6:30pm. the ache in my arm had changed into this dull itchy aching sensation. speaking of itching, last time i used some lamisil athlete's foot cream on my feet: between my toes and on the sides. i thought it'd feel weird sleeping with the cream but i didn't notice it at all. i don't even remember when i bought it, must've been a long time ago, hope it hasn't expired. i don't know if it's working yet. i'm still not sure if it's even athlete's foot.

i didn't eat dinner until 10:30pm, made my luxury korean ramen, now that i got some zhacai from chinatown.