two things happened today: roofers came to replace the roof above the restaurant (a three of hispanic men) while my father and i replaced the cafe's broken backdoor spotlight with a new UME-brand smart wifi LED security light with motion sensor ($30).

my father and i climbed onto the roof twice to check on the progress. the workers had already removed much of the old roof, and were just lounging around, waiting for the dumpster to be delivered, waiting for the insulation materials to arrive. while i was up there, i also got a closer look at the next door neighbor's marijuana plants. the restaurant roof had previously been patched by my grand uncle, using various unsanctioned materials like roof shingles and asphalt.

installing the new security light, we pulled out the tall ladder from the basement and figured out which circuit breaker controlled the light (it was the same one as the always-on emergency light circuit). a metal brace had to be installed first into the base so the light itself can be mounted (through a center screw). unfortunately the screws that came with the light did not match the screw holes on the light base. my father found some shorter replacement screws (swiped from a light switch) and we managed to install the brace with those. after that it was just an easy job of wiring the 3 wires with provided wiring nuts and then securing the light into the base.

the security light had no buttons or knobs, nor came with a remote. it was designed to be paired with the smart life app, which happens to be the same app we use for all our smart plugs. it was easy to pair, although the light showed up in the app as a device named "FAYE" for some reason. using the app, we can toggle between manual and sensor mode, change the light color and intensity, set timers, and of course turn the light off or on. it was hard to tell how bright the lights were because it was still daytime, but they seemed pretty bright.

i checked the cafe cable modem: it's a motorola SB6141 as well, which is what i had, but it seems to be a newer model, with color-coded LED lights, compared to my old modem, which were just green LED's. hopefully this one is a newer model that won't arbitrarily be made obsolete by comcast/xfinity anytime soon.

my sister made some lion head meatballs for her catered meals, i had one for a very late lunch (4pm) with some leftover rice. i also had some poppy-seed lemon muffins (more like cupcakes). either it was the batter or the breville oven, but they baked especially well, puffing up to twice their size.

throughout the day, i'd check the news via youtube tv, which seemed to be all about hurricane ian making landfall on florida as a category 4 storm. remnants of the hurricane is due to arrive in the boston area this weekend.

i returned home by 5:30pm. i couldn't wait to get back, just so i could download and watch the latest episode (4) of andor. it's currently my favorite show right now, more than house of the dragon or rings or power. it's going to be a long week waiting for the next episode of andor to drop next wednesday. i'll probably be watching it on the bus on my way back from new york city (i have to remember to bring my earphones).

for dinner, two more pita pockets. i'm trying to eat healthy because i have my annual physical tomorrow at 4pm, as if a few days of mostly vegetables is going to counteract a year's worth of unhealthy diet. i've also started taking my blood pressure measurements since yesterday, something i should've been doing all year long. the last time i did it was back in june, before the start of summer. if anything my blood pressure should be better because i started running again, but it seems to average 130/90, which to be seems high. we'll see what my doctor has to say about it.

my internet went down again tonight, very briefly, like 15 minutes. it made me seriously think that maybe i was somehow being targeted by comcast/xfinity, because they somehow saw into my heart and could see how much i hated them. the modem did a weird sequence of led's: solid green power but the other three remaining lights flashing green. i tried looking it up online as to its meaning but didn't find a match. fortunately the internet came back online before i was forced to make another call to some indian call center.