the weather today was on the cool side, 60's, cool enough that i wore a long-sleeved pullover and pants when i biked to the cafe this morning with the produce supplies i bought from market basket late yesterday afternoon. it was overcast and at times it looked like it might rain (never did), while there were occasionally very brief breaks of sun.

things that happened today at the cafe: i took an abbott covid-19 test because i felt a little weird and the result was negative, so only just fall allergies; i made tea eggs again; state representative for our area steven owens stopped by to have lunch and introduce himself (only my sister lives in this district and can vote for him); i spent some time in the basement tidying up the mess of boxes; i added a smart plug to the ice machine so we can see how much electricity it uses when we run it; a woman came in to buy a set of earrings and tried to trick my mother by telling her they were $20 when my sister specifically said $25 and she left angrily afterwards after paying and said she'd never come back; internet went down briefly, my father accidentally charged an order on the wrong customer but we issued a refund via square.

i returned home by 6pm. my upstairs neighbors had returned from their vacation, i noticed their blue minivan with all the different bumper stickers parked outside. i was surprised to discover that it's actually going to rain again tomorrow, so later in the evening i put the cover over my motorcycle.

i came home eager to watch the premiere 3 episodes of andor. i like it, but the episodes seem too short, just 30 minutes long. i would've never though diego luna leading man material, but he pulls it off, his gaunt-frame and all.

for dinner i had some leftover congee. my mother said she wants the same congee this weekend, but i don't know if i can eat it over the weekend after eating it this entire week. i'm kind of rice porridged out already!