it was raining when i woke up this morning, so i figured i wouldn't be running today, since i didn't want to get soaked. while deciding what to do with the rest of my day, the internet went down again, but only briefly. whatever outage issue we had on friday due to xfinity/comcast repair work doesn't seem to be fixed yet.

later in the morning the rain stopped, and by 11:30am i was out the door for my tuesday run. i wore a pair of old running shoes because i didn't get my regular shoes dirty. it was actually nice running after it'd rained, the weather was cooler, the only danger were puddles, and i made sure to watch out from getting splashed by passing cars. i felt i had a lot of stamina today, and running seemed effortless, though it still made me tired and i wanted to stop at times.

i didn't get home until 12:30pm. i took off my sweat soaked running clothes and threw it along with a load of dirty laundry into the washer while i took a shower. instead of an omelette - i was too lazy to make one - i just had a bowl of instant tonkotsu ramen for lunch. i ate while rewatching season 1 of fargo.

weather was calm in the afternoon, although still cloudy. another batch of rain was expected in the evening, but the forecast showed it will dissipate before reaching the coastline. i thought about riding to belmont to do some lawn work, but figured it wasn't work the risk if it did rain again. instead in the late afternoon i went to market basket for some groceries, decided to make greek-style chicken pita pockets for dinner. there was a sale on split chicken breast but these were large whole pieces including the bone. instead i got some italian sausages, figured they'd be easier to cook.

back at home i cut up some slices of baguette and ate them with a wedge of brie cheese i bought last week. in the early evening i closed the blinds and fell asleep on the coach after surfing the web on my laptop. i woke up around 8:30pm, feeling even more tired, and slick with sweat from the humidity. i felt so fatigued i thought maybe i finally contracted covid, and briefly thought about taking another home test.

i stumbled into the kitchen to make dinner around 9pm. after slicing the sausages in half, i cooked them in the smokeless foreman grill (7-8 minutes). while that was happening, i prepared the vegetable ingredients: red onion, cucumber, olives. after the sausages finished cooking, i cut up two into smaller pieces and stuffed them into my pita bread along with romaine lettuce, tzatziki sauce, feta cheese, and the remaining vegetable ingredients. i overstuffed my pita which is a problem i have with any kind of wrap foods. the italian sausages were good, but didn't seem to fit with the pita. if i had to do it again, i'd buy a package of chicken sausages instead. i washed everything down with a 12 fl oz. bottle of strawberry watermelon polar seltzer. i felt energized afterwards.