it rained in the early morning, somewhere between 4:30 to 5:30am. i didn't think it was much, but apparently we managed to get 0.3" of rain in boston, which is good, considering typical rain showers in these drought times we only get a hundredth of an inch.

i woke up early to run errands this morning before heading to the cafe to help our my parents. first to the cambridge harvard vanguard office to pick up some prescriptions for my parents. i traveled by motorcycle to save time. they didn't have one of the drugs ready so i had to wait a few minutes before getting it. after that i went to market basket to get a few things (carrots, baby spinach, dijon mustard, radishes). it was still early, so i went home first and changed to my bicycle.

i got to the cafe by 10:30am. it wasn't busy, and things were quiet for about an hour. my sister was cooking her side gig of weekly prepared meals for customers who signed up, and she basically took over the kitchen and parts of the cafe. my parents were trying out the aroma rice cooker: it was rusty on the inside, but fitted with a new pot, it managed to cook perfect rice, albeit slow (they should use the quick rice setting next time, doesn't soak the rice first).

beginning at 11:30am however, it got really busy. it was a steady stream of customers what felt like every 10 minutes. what's even crazier is we had 11 online orders (up until this point the highest was like 6 online orders), not to mention a handful of phone orders and walk-in customers. it was so busy that usually wednesday is my sister's day off but she couldn't leave because she had to help out and only left by the afternoon. orders also came in every hour. normally there's a lull in the late afternoon, and after 6pm is pretty dead, but who sold 2 char siu bento boxes with just 4 minutes before closing time. when 6:30pm came around we couldn't wait to turn off the lights and lock the door. my mother basically dropped everything so they could go home and rest.

things i did at the cafe today: restocked the cokes; vacuumed when there wasn't any customers; helped my father readjust the small office standing freezer; made 20 new tea eggs with fresh tea egg brine; made a container of black noodles; helped my sister use the new breville oven to cook her chicken skewers; ate some homemade sushi. also those three Tradescantia zebrina cuttings i put in those water vases last week have started to grow tiny roots.

i didn't get back home until 6:40pm. i felt a little numb and watched tv while finishing a bag of dill-flavored pork rinds my sister gave me. for dinner i made another pita wrap while watching alex wagner on MSNBC. i'm starting to watch these political shows, in light of the daily revelations about the mar-a-lago raid.