on days that i run - tuesdays and thursdays - i can't remember running. this is a good thing, means my mind is preoccupied with other things (podcasts). i bumped into bruce on my way out this morning, he was on his way back from his daily walk. i asked him what he was listening to, he said mostly podcasts.

i noticed something today: there were mushrooms popping up everywhere, due to the rain yesterday. we were supposed to get more rain today, but they barely made it to the boston area. which goes to show you: never wish for rain because it'll never come. only when you stop thinking about the rain does it finally rain.

i soaked my leca before going out and rinsed it outside a few times when i came back, before soaking them in a bucket again. mosquitoes were everywhere, i managed to escaping getting bit, but i must've smacked half a dozen that tried to land on my legs.

also on my doorstep when i came back from my run was my rachet PVC pipe cutter ($8). it was the cheapest one i could find online, and can only cut to a maximum outer diameter size of 1-1/2" which is more than enough (i'll be working with 1/2" PVC pipes to make my aeroponics spray manifold).

after a shower i ate the last of my blueberry granola yogurt for lunch. my upstairs neighbors came back from maine, i went out to let jeff know the package he was waiting for this weekend never arrived. turns out it was some kind of garment for one of their california weddings that went to get dry-cleaned and disappeared.

because i thought it'd rain, i didn't dare go out again in the afternoon. instead i stayed indoors, retroactively updating all of august's blog entries with photos. now august and july are complete: what's left is most of june, some may, some april, and some march - 63 blog posts i still need to add photos to. while doing that, i also intermittently finished watching black bird.

for dinner i made some buldak dry ramen for dinner, added a poached egg. i didn't have any scallions in the fridge. because i didn't do a grocery run today and i'll be at the cafe for most of the day tomorrow, my dinner schedule's undecided, not sure what i'll be eating this week for dinner. i know salads are on sale this week, i might do that, go with something light.