i had a restful night of sleep. cool night air was blowing through my bedroom window for a change, i was afraid it might be too cold, that i might need a blanket, but the warm bed from days of heatwave temperatures balanced everything out. i could've slept more, but remembered i had some things i wanted to do this morning. i wanted to do a load of laundry, and hang it out to dry. i also wanted to oil a few vertical deck beams with australian timber oil. today was the last day i could do it before my upstairs neighbors come back tomorrow (they never said when, but tomorrow marks the official 3 weeks period). the only sticking point was if i was going oil the deck, i didn't want to hang dry my clothes as they would absorb the fumes. so i ended up using the dryer to dry my clothes, even though it meant warming up the house.

while the dryer was running, i was out on the deck, perched on a barstool, oiling one of the support beams. i had just enough timber oil to do a few more beams before running out. it took me half an hour just to do that one beam, before i was out of time and had to get ready for work at the cafe. i was hoping the dryer would finish by the time i left, but i had no choice but to leave it running.

it was actually cold this morning, but oiling the deck warmed me up. my body is so used to the heat, it doesn't know how to handle the 70's day. i biked to the cafe. after the record breaking day yesterday, we were prepared for another busy day at the cafe, but it was actually pretty slow, we made only half of what we made yesterday. there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason why some days are busy while others not so much, it's as unpredictable as the weather.

i was trying to show my mother the 3 choices of countertop ovens (breville BOV900BSS smart oven air fryer pro $400, ninja DT251 foodi 10-in-1 smart XL air fry oven $250, oster air fryer oven $190) we might be looking to buy this weekend (MA tax free holiday), but she's decided instead to use an old panasonic flashxpress toaster oven to replace the current 4-rack commercial oven. all she really uses the oven for these days is to make brownies. she has a small rectangular baking pan instead of the standard 9 x 13 inches she currently uses. i'm still hoping i can convince her to get something bigger; a cafe can't be doing all its baking with a small toaster oven.

my father discovered a small mealybug infestation on the white orchids (around one of the flowers). i ended up taking it outside to spray with insecticidal soap, before i repotted it because it was leaning too much. i also took out it's neighboring pilea, which also had a few mealybugs, and sprayed outside before watering with some miracle-gro fertilizer. i also watered all the other indoor plants (other than the thanksgiving/christmas cactuses).

when there wasn't any customers, i took the opportunity to get some vacuuming done with the levoit cordless. later the vacuum came in handy when my father spilled a glass of tea onto the floor, broken pieces of glass everywhere. after picking up the larger pieces and drying the floor, we went over the area with the vacuum to pick up any stray shards.

later in the afternoon i went over to my sister's place to let hailey out into the backyard so she could go to the bathroom. i only realized this later, but my sister drugged her dog while she was gone, so when i let hailey outside, she went down the ramp halfway before turning back, as if she forgot she hadn't gone to the bathroom yet. i had to coax her back outside to go to the bathroom for real before she quickly went back inside the house again.

i returned home around 5:30pm. i opened more windows to flush out the hot indoor air. i removed my clothes from the dyer and spent some time folding them in the bedroom while watching the news on tv. when evening came, i had two more quorn burgers for dinner.